2018 Proposed Amendments and Director and Delegate Nominees

Dear Member Owner:
Agtegra Cooperative’s (Agtegra) annual director and delegate election is quickly approaching and will coincide with the annual meeting of the members that will be held Wednesday, December 19, 2018. Enclosed with this letter is the official notice for the annual meeting of the members, profiles of each of the candidates for director and delegate, and your mail ballot for the director and delegate election that includes a vote on the resolution to amend Agtegra Cooperative’s Bylaws.

The directors strongly encourage you to vote YES in favor of the proposed amendments to the Bylaws. Every vote is extremely important. All mail ballots must be received by 5:00 PM CST on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

Each member is eligible to vote for one director from their assigned territorial district, one director at-large and five delegates from their assigned territorial district. The Board of Directors (Board) of Agtegra is also proposing a few small amendments to Agtegra’s Bylaws. These proposed amendments would allow for Agtegra to: 1) communicate with its members via electronic means, including via email; 2) permit members to vote via electronic means; and 3) add the current patronage policy provision relating to the dissolution of legal entities into the Bylaws. 
The Board decided to bring these changes to you this year because the South Dakota legislature recently changed South Dakota’s cooperative laws to permit cooperatives to use electronic voting. The Board believes electronic voting is another tool in the toolbox to increase voter turnout and to engage with Agtegra’s members. The Board does not foresee going away from using mail ballots, rather, if the members approve the proposed Bylaw amendments, the Board would likely start offering members the opportunity to vote by mail or electronically.
We are also very excited to announce the annual meeting will feature the SVP of Soybean Processing of Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) Mark Sandeen, and the AGP Merchandising Manager Matt Smith. AGP is currently in the process of completing construction on its newest soybean processing facility located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and this will allow members the opportunity to hear directly from AGP leadership regarding their plans for this region.
Please take the time to review the proposed amendments to Agtegra’s Bylaws or call (605) 725-8341 to request a copy be mailed to you. If you have questions about the proposed amendments or the election, please reach out to your elected directors and delegates or contact Mike Traxinger, Agtegra’s corporate attorney, at (605) 725-8325 or mike.traxinger@agtegra.com. 
I hope to see you at the upcoming annual meeting of the members. From all of us at Agtegra, we wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

Rick Osterday, First Vice President




The proposed amendments would allow for Agtegra to:
1) communicate with its members via electronic means, including via email;
2) permit members to vote via electronic means; and
3) add the current patronage policy provision relating to the dissolution of legal entities into the Bylaws.


official notice






voting instructions




This year there are five director positions and 20 delegate positions available. One director will be elected from each territorial district and one director will be elected at-large. Five delegates will be elected from each territorial district.

District 1 includes all states except Minnesota.
District 2 includes Minnesota.

To view a District’s Nominees , click on the buttons below or scroll through the page.

The At-Large District shall include all States and Commonwealths of the United States of America.







Hal ClemensenHal Clemensen, Aberdeen, SD.  Hal earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Ag Economics and Ag Business from South Dakota State University.  He worked as a loan officer for Production Credit Association from 1982-1984 and as a loan contractor for FmHA for 10 years while returning to the family farm.  He and his wife Terri raised 2 daughters on their farm near Conde, where they currently produce corn and soybeans. 
Hal has served on the Redfield Cenex Board, South Dakota Soybean Association Board, Northwestern Community Foundation and Avera Rural Cancer Board.  He currently serves on the Presentation College Board of Trustees and as an alternate to South Dakota Value Added Board.  He is also an active member of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association and the Brentford United Congregational Church, where he has held various offices.
“I was board president for SDWG for 14 years and am currently board president at Agtegra Cooperative.  Growing up in a family that has always supported and served local co-ops has fostered my passion for the cooperative system.  The experience gained through these roles and other boards will help bring stability, perspective and continuity to the Agtegra Board.  My enthusiasm for farmer-owned cooperatives is as strong as ever, and while these are challenging times, I see a very bright future for our cooperative. I would be very proud and honored to be reelected to the Agtegra Board.” 





Joel Erickson, Langford, SD.  Joel currently farms with his brother Mark, wife Karen, daughter Kristen and son James.  In addition to cow/calf and feedlot enterprises, they also grow corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and cover crops.  Joel earned his Ag Business degree from North Dakota State School of Science and is a graduate of South Dakota Ag Rural Leaders (Class VIII).  He has also completed board training opportunities provided by South Dakota Association of Co-ops and FCC Services Advanced Governance Series.
Joel currently serves as a board member and was a past chairman of the Conservation Cropping Systems Project formerly in Forman, ND, and presently in Oakes, ND.  He has served as a member of the church board and Marshall County Extension Board.     
“I wish to continue serving on Agtegra’s board of directors to provide oversight and guidance to the CEO and the leadership team.  It is also an opportunity to be a voice in making decisions that are in the best interests of the cooperative and my fellow owners.
I believe I can bring a certain amount of diversity to the board, ranging from size and scope of our operation to representing the eastern portion of the Agtegra trade territory.
The co-op needs to continue to be profitable while maintaining a strong balance sheet that enables the co-op to withstand not only weather issues that may lead to handling less grain but also trade policies that can have a tremendous impact on the profitability of producers and the cooperative. 
It has always been my goal for Agtegra to be the kind of company that the member owners desire to do business with.”

Marlin Nilsson
Marlin Nilsson, Mansfield, SD.  Marlin and his wife Rhonda, farm 4 miles south of Warner with their son and son-in-law on their 3rd generation farm and feeder operation.  They run a cattle feedlot operation and grow corn and soybeans.  Currently, Marlin serves as a board member for Agtegra Cooperative and Dakotaland Feeds and is a past board member for Warner Cooperative, North Central Livestock and the local church board. 
“I’m a strong believer in the cooperative system.  Agtegra is our cooperative and I want that to continue for generations to come.  In order to keep our cooperative strong, it starts with strong board representation.  We need people with open minds and progressive thinking.  I would like this cooperative to be stronger with each day as we are given the opportunity.”

Kyle Courtney, Oakes, ND.  Kyle farms will his cousin Drew, his wife Megan, son Everett and twin daughters Stella and Marie.  Principle crops grown on their farm are corn and soybeans.  Kyle graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Professional Money Management.  He worked as a Financial Advisor for Smith Barney (currently Morgan Stanley) in Wayzata, MN.  Currently, Kyle is a board member for the Dickey County Water Board, Dickey County FSA and the Hudson Township.  “My family has worked with the cooperative system for multiple generations.  I feel North Dakota does not currently have good representation.  I can bring a director’s voice to the board to represent the amount of business done within North Dakota.”  


Drew Courtney, Oakes, ND.  Drew earned his Construction Management degree from Minnesota State Moorhead and an HVAC degree from Bismarck State College.  Drew farms with his cousin Kyle Courtney, his wife Lindsey and their daughter.  In addition to growing corn and soybeans, they also run a few head of feeder cattle. Drew serves as a board member for North Dakota Corn Growers and is the President of the Snow Busters Snowmobile Club.  “I am running for a delegate position to ensure the voices of cooperative members are heard.  I want to provide a local sounding board for producer’s concerns and opinions.  Agtegra is an innovative and progressive cooperative I am proud to be a part of.”    
Allen Ryckman, Warner, SD. 
Kirk Schaunaman, Aberdeen, SD.  Kirk is a graduate of South Dakota State University and South Dakota Agricultural & Rural Leadership (Class I).  He and his brother Craig, grow spring wheat, corn and soybeans and have a cow/calf background operation.  Kirk is a member of Farmers Union, South Dakota Corn Growers, South Dakota Wheat and South Dakota Soybean Association.
“I would like to use my experience as a delegate to continue the transition and growth of Agtegra Cooperative.  Maintain our cooperative strength and provide quality service and competitive pricing to our member/owners.”
Scott Sperry, Bath, SD.  Scott earned his Bachelor of Science degree from South Dakota State University.  He farms with his father James, and sons Mark and Matthew.  Together they grow corn and soybeans and have a swine finishing barn.  Scott is a member of South Brown Soil Conservation District, Bath Township Clerk, South Dakota Corn Growers and South Dakota Soybean Association.  
“I would like to be involved in the guidance, future plans and direction that Agtegra moves toward.  I can help with the decisions that keep our co-op the best it can be.”
Darin Wiedebush, Mansfield, SD.  Darin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from South Dakota State University in 2008 and is a volunteer fireman in Warner.  Darin and his parents grow wheat, corn and soybeans
I have been encouraged by a current delegate in our district to run for this position.  I hope to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the table from the viewpoints of young farmers.  My business and farming background will be useful in helping the cooperative bring positive results to all members.”  





Ronnie Frericks Ronnie Frericks, Northville, SD.  Ronnie farms with his wife Lisa.  They grow beans, corn and sometimes spring wheat.  When Ronnie first started farming he ran a customer harvesting business for 6 years.  He has served on the Northwestern Community Foundation board for 6 years and Athol Township Board for 25 years. 
“I am running for the Agtegra board to help complete the merger, lead the cooperative on its path to the future and help to bring valuable services to the patrons in this time of tighter financial times.”    



Heather Beaner, Mellette, SD.  Heather earned her law degree from the University of South Dakota in 1998.  She served 12 years active duty as an Air Force JAG and continues to serve in the Air Force Reserves.  She farms with her father Wayne Larson growing corn and soybeans.  In addition to being an adjunct professor at Presentation College, Heather is an active member of the American Legion and Auxiliary and local church where she teaches the children’s class and serves as the worship coordinator.
I’ve greatly enjoyed learning about farming and Agtegra operations and feel co-op involvement by owner-members is important.  Prior service in the United States Air Force and other boards has given me good analysis and leadership skills.”  
Andy Boomsma, Wolsey, SD.  Andy graduated from South Dakota State University.  He farms with his father and brother-in-law.  They grow corn and soybeans and operate a background and finishing cattle feedlot.  Andy is a member of Farm Credit Services and Dakota Energy.
“As a delegate, I would like to help Agtegra ensure the financial strength of the co-op, provide markets and services for its members at a competitive price, distribute cash or patronage when the cooperative is financial able to and represent the members in my district that have issues and bring it up to the board of directors or staff members.”  
Logan Clemensen, Conde, SD.  Logan earned his Associate of Science degree in Ag Production from Lake Area Technical Institute.  He farms with his father Roger.  They grow corn and soybeans and have a cow/calf operation.  Logan is a volunteer fireman with the Brentford fire department.
“I would like to be a part of a group to give input and resources to my locally owned cooperative and help our cooperative push for success in challenging times.  If the local cooperative is not successful it will be a challenge for farmers.”
Dave Jandel, Athol, SD.  Dave farms with Jerry Kegler and together they grow corn, beans and wheat.  Dave earned his Ag Business degree from SDSU. “I would like to help guide Agtegra to be the best it can be for both its customers and employees. Agtegra’s commitment to both is a key to success.  I am constantly looking for ways to improve my farming techniques and create efficiencies, so I feel my dedication to that can impact the decisions I am involved in for Agtegra.” 
Brian Johnson, Frankfort, SD.  In 2004, Brian graduated from SDSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ag-Business.  He farms with his wife Jamie, their four kids and his parents Alan and Mickie.  Together they grow corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, oats, cover crops and run a cow/calf operation.  Brian is a member of Northern Electric Cooperative, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Turton, South Dakota Corn, South Dakota Soybean, South Dakota Cattlemen, South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, South Dakota Voices of Soil Health and South Dakota Farm Bureau. 
“I enjoy being a part of the delegate council and providing input to help shape the direction of the cooperative.  I believe it is important to be a voice for the owner/members of the cooperative.  As a producer with children interested in agriculture, I believe it is important for the cooperative to be a trusted partner with the owner/members so that we all can be successful for generations to come.”
Keith Lambert, Frankfort, SD. Keith farms with his wife and four kids.  Primary crops grown are corn and soybeans.  Keith graduated from LATI in Watertown with a degree in Ag Production in 2003 and then was employed at RDO Equipment until 2011.  Keith is on the Prairie Center Township Board and is also a member of the UCC Church in Brentford.  “I would like to see the cooperative process continue.”  
Steve Masat, Redfield, SD.  Steve currently serves as a director for South Dakota Corn Growers and the Hitchcock-Tulare school board.  He also served on the South Dakota Wheat Inc. board, including terms as president and vice president in addition to serving in the National Guard.  He and his wife Caroline farm with their two sons Tim and Garrett.  They grow corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa in addition to running a feedlot and cow/calf operation.  “I would like to be part of a great cooperative and bring leadership skills to move Agtegra to the next level.”
Matt Micheel, Cavour, SD. Matt farms with his father Bruce, wife Kathy and their two kids Kaitlyn and Tucker.   Together they grow corn and soybeans, have a cow/calf operation and Club Calves.  Matt earned his Architectural Drafting and Building Construction degree from Mitchell Tech. He is a member of Lake Area Corn Processors and Beadle County 4-H Leaders Association.
“As a delegate, I would like to keep Agtegra moving forward, work on more competitive grain markets and agronomy, and also keep the technology division moving forward to help our patrons save more and make more money.” 
Jason Pazour, Frankfort, SD.  Jason graduated from SDSU with a degree in Ag Business.  He farms with his wife Ivy, son Chase and parents Ted and Jackie.  They grow corn and soybeans and run a cow/calf and feedlot operation. 
“I believe it is important to our cooperative that we have active engagement between members, the board of directors and management.  We are in the middle of some transition as a cooperative and are enduring hard times in agriculture.  It is important that Agtegra stays true to its goals as a cooperative to serve patrons to the best of its ability and stay financially viable going into the future.  I believe I can be an active voice to our local patrons.”   
Rory Troske, Turton, SD.  After graduating from Mitchell Tech with an Electrical Construction and Maintenance degree, Rory worked in Aberdeen for 3 years as an electrician.  He started farming fulltime in 1984 and currently farms with his brother William, and son Nathan.  They grow corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflowers and oats in addition to having a cow/calf operation.  Rory is a member of Redfield Energy, Glacial Lakes Energy, Turton Fire Department and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
“I feel my voice of reason and logic can be helpful to the cooperative as we move forward during challenging times for farmers.” 
Jeff Vander Wal, Brentford, SD.  Jeff and his wife Beth, have a daughter Sadie, and son Mitchell.  They farm with Nate Stuck and grow corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa in addition to a small feedlot and cow/calf seed stock operation.  Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Ag Education from SDSU.  He has been involved in the cooperative system for 13 years and is a member of James Valley Telephone, Northern Electric, Web Water, Plains Lion, Northwestern Area FFA Alumni Association, South Dakota Shorthorn Association and Brentford UCC Church.
“Like it or not, the industry is changing fast and we all need to keep up.  The board of directors, administration and most importantly the front-line employees of our cooperative have done a phenomenal job of putting this cutting-edge cooperative together.  My experience in this industry will help me to continue to push Agtegra to the forefront of the ag sector.” 





Chris Eymer Chris Eymer, Reliance, SD.  Chris and his wife Gayle, have been married for 34 years.  Gayle teaches high school math and raises dairy goats.  They have two sons. Conrad is a junior at USD and Corwin attends high school in Presho.  He worked for South Dakota Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance for 19 years.  Chris has been farming and ranching since 1980 and currently grows winter and spring wheat, corn, milo, sunflowers and forage for their livestock.  They also raise sheep, dairy goats and have a cow/calf operation.  Chris is a member of West Central Electric Co-op, Farm Bureau, Farmers Union Oil Company, and a past member of F.C.S. of America.  He currently serves on the township board and is presently chairman of Trinity Lutheran Church. 
“I currently serve on the Agtegra board and served on South Dakota Wheat Growers board since 2007 at which time Farmers Union Elevator of Kennebec/Reliance unified with South Dakota Wheat Growers.  I was secretary of that board at that time.  After witnessing the many changes that occurred during this time span, the one thing that remains is the co-op spirit and commitment to serving the farmer/owner.  I would like to see this continue and feel it is important for each member to have an equal voice.”   

David SalmenDavid Salmen, Wessington Springs, SD.  David is the third generation to operate Salmen Farms in Jerauld County.  He assumed the management and daily operations in 1998 with the retirement of his father.  Along with his husband, Jason Mentele, they now operate 3,500 acres of soybeans and corn.
David graduated from Wessington Springs High School (1977); graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL (1981); owns and operates Salmen Organ Company (since 1981) – building and repairing pipe organs in the upper-Midwest;  attended numerous continuing education sessions through SD Association of School Boards and SD Association of Co-ops; participated in numerous continuing education  and leadership training opportunities presented by CHS and Land O Lakes; represented SDWG at the Harvard International Agribusiness Seminar; and, has completed all of the board leadership training modules offered through Farm Credit Services.
David was appointed as a director for SDWG in September of 2005 through the merger of Sanborn County Farmers Union Oil Company, Woonsocket.  He has served on the strategic outlook and governance committees, chairing the governance committee for four years.  Previously he was elected as director of Sanborn County Farmers Union Oil Cooperative, serving 2 years as board secretary.  David has been active in other local leadership positions serving:  four years on Wessington Springs School Board; five years as a director of Prairie Historical Society (Prairie Village, Madison) with one year as President; past lieutenant governor of Kiwanis International; member of American Guild of Organists (past Dean of the South Dakota Chapter); American Institute of Organbuilders;  Corn Growers;  served on the vestry and finance committee at Grace Church Episcopal, Huron; and, was instrumental in the formation of SD Railroad Museum, serving on their board of directors and as the secretary.
“When I came to the SDWG board from our local cooperative, it was an eye-opening experience.  The board at Sanborn County was, like too many boards, necessarily involved in the daily management of the coop.  This left no time or energy for the board to focus on strategic thought, broad risk management strategy and the promotion of a safety culture.  As agriculture has evolved in the past generation or so, unfortunately those small co-ops became irrelevant.  In the Dakotas we are fortunate that Agtegra has built a vital presence in most of our communities as we have merged and grown.  It has been an honor to serve on the Agtegra board of directors for 13 years!  We have hired visionary leadership to manage your cooperative so that the board may focus on strategic planning, governance, risk management, safety and big-picture financial issues. 
As we are poised to become a two billion dollar, locally-owned farm cooperative, some of the things that keep me awake are related to:  market access; long-term need to store and maintain the quality of grain; loss of traditional markets; changing weather patterns; loss of valuable member/owners in trying economic conditions; and, the need to be more politically involved on a national and local level.  One of the highlights of serving as your elected director is in my involvement with the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Government Affairs Committee.  This has afforded us contact with the policymakers in Washington and industry advocates from around the world.  I have been serving as the chair of the Energy & Environment subcommittee. 
I thank you for the privilege of representing you as a member/owner and ask for your continued support in this election.  We all hope you will take the time to exercise your right to participate in the governance of your cooperative.  Your right to governance and your share in the profits are the hallmark of the co-op business model.” 



Kelvin Grey, St. Lawrence, SD.  Kelvin graduated from Miller High School in 1974 and earned a degree in Auto Mechanics from Laramie, Wyoming.  He served on the Holden Township board for over 30 years, Miller School board for 9 years, Dakota Ag Cooperative board for 12 years and as an elder and deacon over the years at their church.  He and his wife Carol grow corn, soybeans and wheat.
“I have been farming since 1975 and have done business with cooperatives like Wheat Growers and North Central and have seen many changes in agriculture, prices and technology.  With the experience of farming and serving on various boards, I hope to bring experience and input to the Agtegra board.”
Doug Halverson, Kennebec, SD.  Doug grows corn, milo, wheat, and soybeans in addition to running a cow/calf operation.  “I would like to help insure improvements to area elevators and facilities.”
Jake Horning, Cresbard, SD.  Jake farms with his wife Lindsey and parents Sharon and Kevin Horning.  They grow corn, beans and wheat.  After graduating from high school in Mellette, Jake attended Lake Area Technical Institute where he earned his degree in Ag Production.  He worked for various custom farming operations, loaded ag airplanes for a local pilot and served as president of the Cresbard Volunteer Fire Department and Cresbard Sportsman’s Club.  “I enjoy being a voice for the members and being involved with the progress and innovation of the cooperative.”       
Norval Millard, Presho, SD.  Norval has farmed/ranched for over 50 years.  Today, he farms with his wife Debbie, son Nathan, brother David, and nephew Derek.  Together they grow corn, alfalfa, and some wheat and milo in addition to having a feedlot and background cattle operation.  He served on the Pratt Township board, the church (ELCA) board, past president of Lyman County 4-H and as a delegate for SD Wheat Growers for 10 years.  “I know a lot of the patrons in this region and would like to help voice their opinion.”
Nick Nemec, Holabird, SD.  Nick earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of South Dakota in 1980 and was a former officer in the United States Marine Corp.  He farms with his wife Mary Jo, daughter and son-in-law Suzanne and Derek McCloud.  Together they grow spring and winter wheat, corn, soybeans and sunflowers in addition to having cattle.  Nick is also a member of Venture, Dakota Energy, Mid-Dakota RWS and Midwest Cooperative.  “I want to ensure the farmers of the area have a healthy cooperative to do business with.  I bring 35 years active farming experience and the experience of someone transitioning a farm to the next generation.”         
Ronnie Prien, Stickney, SD.  Ronnie farms with his wife Darla.  They currently grow corn and soybeans and run a cow/calf operation.  He attended USD and worked as a mechanic.  Ronnie has been a member of the Stickney Co-op Elevator, CHS, and local phone and electric companies.  “I would like to have a local voice for our patrons in the area.”
Harlan Smith, Harrold, SD.  Harlan farms with his wife Sharon, and son Travis.  They grow wheat, corn, sunflowers, soybeans and peas.  “As a delegate, I would have a better opportunity to make Agtegra aware of things I may see happening in the field, such as safety, etc.  Also make Agtegra aware of things in advance that could cause the cooperative problems.  In other words, help make Agtegra better for members and more efficient as a cooperative.”





Colby BeckColby Beck, Artas, SD.  Colby farms with his parents Troy and Lisa, grandfather Chester, wife Kaytlin and sister Marissa.  They grow wheat, corn, and soybeans, run a cow/calf operation and background calves. Colby attended Mitchell Tech.  In addition to working on the family farm, Beck Farm, Inc., he also worked at the Herreid Sale Barn and Mitchell Cenex. 

“I feel my age and experience in new technologies, as well as, wanting to grow our rural farming families and Agtegra Cooperative will benefit the board by aiding others to grow.” 

Dan Malsam Dan Malsam, Roscoe, SD.  Dan farms with his parents Robert and Theresa, wife Karri, sons Austin and Bryce, brother Darin, and nephew Brian.  Together they grow corn, soybeans and wheat.  After graduating from Roscoe High School, Dan earned his Welding Technology degree from Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown.  He is the assistant fire chief for the Roscoe Volunteer fire department, a Parish Council member of St. Thomas Catholic Church, and a member of the Roscoe Sportsman Club. 
“I have been one of the directors for district 4 for the last 10 years.  In that time, we have seen tremendous growth in our area, have grown your cooperative to meet your needs and continue to make future investment to help your farm and cooperative prosper.  In the past 10 years, I completed the board leadership training modules offered through Farm Credit Services Advance Governance Series and South Dakota Association of Cooperatives.  I’ve also attended various training opportunities provided by Land O’Lakes, CHS and AGP and participated in legislative days in Pierre to help promote the ag industry, producers and your cooperative.  These types of opportunities have helped me to be a more effective board member.  I appreciate your support and vote to continue to represent your district and help make Agtegra your choice in cooperatives to do business with.” 


ReEtta Sieh ReEtta Sieh, Leola, SD.  ReEtta farms with her husband Chris, and 3 young sons who are just learning about the operation and her mom Sylvia.  After graduating from the University of South Dakota, ReEtta was a teacher and coach before returning to the family farm.  They grow corn, soybeans, wheat, peas, rye and oats and have a cow/calf operation.  ReEtta is the president of the Leola School Board, a member of Class X of SDARL, Our Lady of Perpetual Help council member, and North Central Special Education Cooperative Governing Board. 
“I want to run for the Agtegra Board because I believe people need to take an active role to keep the ag industry growing.  I want to promote positive change and growth in my community, my co-op, and my state.  I believe I can bring fresh ideas and a different perspective to the Agtegra Board.  I like to use a practical, common sense approach to solving problems.  I want to do my part to ensure the co-op is here for the next generation.” 



Troy Beck, Artas, SD.  Troy graduated from Herreid High School in 1984.  He earned his degree in Agriculture Production from Lake Area Vo-Tech in 1986 and returned to the family farm in 1987.  Today, Troy farms with his wife Lisa, sons Robert and Colby, daughter-in-law Kaytlin, and father Chester.  They grow wheat, corn, soybeans and milo, run a cow/calf operation and background feeder cattle.  Troy served as a board member for the Herreid School District from 2010 - 2018.  He has continued to serve as a board member for the Campbell County Weed and Pest and the Campbell County Bank in Herreid since 2013.
“As one of the patrons of Agtegra, I would like the cooperative to meet or exceed our expectations.  As delegates, we can be that link between the Board of Directors, Administration and the patrons.  I am approachable and willing to listen to patron’s comments, concerns or ideas and relay them to the Board and Administration.  My experience of serving as a board member with various organizations will be beneficial in this delegate role.”       
Jason Fauth, Leola, SD.  Jason farms with his wife Pamela, daughters April and Taylor, and his parents Myron and Sheila Fauth.  They have a cow/calf operation and grow corn, beans, wheat and oats.  Jason earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business and an Accounting Major from Northern State University.  After college, he worked two years for NWPS and 9 years for Eide Bailly, LLP during tax season. 
“Having both cattle and grain, I feel I can bring both interests to the table.  Also, being from a small town, I know how important the small communities and locations are for the success of the members as well as the cooperative.”    
Evan Haar, Onaka, SD.  Evan farms with his wife Sandy, and grandson Aaron.  They grow corn, beans, spring and winter wheat, along with alfalfa/hay for 350 stock cows and back grounding feeders.  Evan is a township supervisor, Agtegra delegate, WEB Water board of director for the past 8 years, member of the Bowdle Health Care Foundation, Mobridge Gideon camp member and the church board. 
“As a delegate, I would like to continue to help make Agtegra a strong company which provides strong markets for our crops and the lowest cost for our crop inputs.  Working together to make everyone succeed.”
Rod Hoffman, Morristown, SD.  Rodney farms with his wife Kathleen.  Together they grow wheat, corn and sunflowers.  Rodney earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology and worked for the South Dakota Department of Ag and Health. 
Gary Ternes, Strasburg, SD.
Terry Ulrich, Ashley, ND.  Terry graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from NDSU.  The family farm dates back 134 years and continues today as a 4th generation partnership with his brother Gary.  They grow corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, hay, background calves and have a cow/calf operation.  Terry served 8 years as the State Director of North Dakota Farmers Union and participated in Fly Ins to D.C. on behalf of ag legislation.  “I’ve been involved with working and doing business with cooperatives my entire farming career.”