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Off-the-farm Grain Buying

Storing grain beyond harvest to help capture market appreciation can be a smart decision for a variety of reasons. The Agtegra Off The Farm Grain Buying program gives you confidence that your grain is positioned for the right market when you want to sell. Talk to your Grain Marketing Specialist for a bid today!

  • Save time and transportation costs.
    Agtegra personnel will pick your grain up off the farm and move it to the best market at your desired speed. Agtegra will dispatch the appropriate number of trucks needed to maximize your loading capacity and save you time - just fill the trucks when they show up.

  • Reliability at its finest.
    Agtegra provides the sound financial backing you need for your business security - financially strong and reliable since 1915. Feel at ease with Agtegra uniform accounting practices, that you have grown to trust, and assurance that your check will be on its way.

  • Customized bids with potentially higher prices.
    This program allows Agtegra to present you a customized bid based on several different markets, freight rates, and delivery times. Your grain may end up at a Agtegra facility, an ethanol or other processing plant. In many instances, this process may result in better prices at your farm gate. You can also take advantage of Agtegra’ marketing programs such as Hedge To-Arrive and Basis contracts. Deferred payment options are also available.

*OTF offerings subject to change without notice. The above contracting tools involve market risks and may not be appropriate for all producers.

2018 New crop Corn Delayed Price (DP) Program

effective September 4, 2018

DP Direct - Effective 9/4/18, any new deliveries of corn placed directly into Agtegra’s DP Program will be charged 6 cents per month through January 2019 and 4 cents per month after that. Also note that DP charges will be free on bushels delivered on any given week (by midnight Saturday) and priced by noon the following second Friday. Corn still unpriced in this DP program as of noon, 10/15/2019 will be rolled into the Corn DP program in effect at that time. This DP program is being offered first come, first served on a location by location basis. Elevator space may be limited.

Annual DP – Agtegra is offering an Annual DP Program this year on corn for a onetime charge of 40 cents per bushel. Producers will have the opportunity to forward price these bushels within the crop year ending Aug 31st 2019, and must notify Agtegra
prior to noon of the second Friday following the week of unload if they wish to participate in the annual DP program.

Reminder: since title to this grain passes to the elevator at time of delivery, LDP’s cannot be taken at a later date if they become available.

**The DP program is subject to elevator space, and may be discontinued at any time.
August 31, 2018

2018 New crop Soybean DP Program

Effective september 4, 2018


DP Direct - Effective 9/4/2018, any new deliveries of soybeans placed directly into Agtegra’s DP Program will be charged 7 cents per month. Also note that DP charges will be free on bushels delivered on any given week (by midnight Saturday) and priced by noon the following second Friday. Soybeans still unpriced in this DP program as of noon, 10/1/2019 will be rolled into the Soybean DP Program in effect at that time. This DP program is being offered first come, first served on a location by location basis. Elevator space may be limited.

Reminder: since title to this grain passes to the elevator at time of delivery, LDP’s cannot be taken at a later date if they become available.

**The DP program is subject to elevator space, and may be discontinued at any time.

2018 Wheat DP Program

Effective for all wheat deliveries starting September 18, 2018.

DP DIRECT:  Effective 9/18/18, Agtegra will not be offering a DP program on new deliveries of wheat.  This includes both HRW and HRS.

CASH SALE: Producers can sell spot, or may contract for delivery using a variety of cash contracts. Contact your location manager or originator for details.

DEFERRED PAYMENT:  A producer who wishes to do so may sell wheat and defer the payment. Agtegra offers a Deferred Payment program that pays like a CD with rates that are linked to the maturity date.

Programs subject to change as market conditions warrant.
Sept 17, 2018

DeferRed Payment Program

Agtegra is currently offering an interest rate program for new deferred payment contracts.

New or amended Deferred Payment with a due date:

•    Any contracts deferred two years or less from the notification date will receive a fixed interest rate of 2%.
•    Any contracts deferred over two years from the notification date will receive a fixed interest rate of 2.5%.

When deferring payments, please contact your local Agtegra Grain Bookkeeper and identify the date that you want to defer your payment to.

Agtegra will allow you to amend your deferred payment contract when the current deferred payment agreement expires. A customer can amend a deferred contract only with a signed addendum and a new signed Deferred Contract.

Producers can amend current deferred payment contracts from the day the contract is written up to one business day prior to its due. The addendum will not go into effect until the due date of the current contract and a signed copy of your addendum is received. We will use the interest rates in effect at the time the signed addendum is received.

*Please remember that all programs are subject to change without prior notice.