Morning Market Insight

July 5, 2018
Zach Harry
Grain Marketing Specialist

Corn- unchanged

On Tuesday, December 2018 corn futures closed at $3.64 1/4. One year ago, December 2017 corn futures settled at $3.99 ¼. The nationwide 5-year average for corn silking for the week ending July 8 is approx. 18%; however, this year’s pace as of July 1 was already 17%

Soybeans- unchanged

On Tuesday, November 2018 soybean futures closed at $8.64 ¼. One year ago, November 2017 futures settled at $9.80 ¾. U.S. tariffs are set to go into effect tomorrow and neither the U.S. of China are backing down. The U.S. crop looks good despite a few areas seeing too much rain.

Wheat- unchanged

On Tuesday, KC HRW Sept 2018 wheat futures closed at $4.84. One year ago, KC HRW Sept 2017 futures settled at $5.59 ½. U.S. spring wheat crop looks good overall, even though we are hearing some reports that maybe the heat back in May hurt some of the crop.

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