Morning Market Insight

May 21, 2018
Jeremy VanderVorst
Grain Marketing Specialist

Corn 3-4 Higher
Corn higher this morning due to increased fund buying due to headwinds in trade wars with China. Heavy fund buying Friday as China drops milo investigation. Keep a close watch on the dryness in Brazil corn.
Soybeans 18 higher
Soybeans higher also due to fact of progress made with the Chinese trade delegation over the last few days. Shanghai’s JC Intelligence group suggests that China could increase US soybean imports to more than 40-50 MMT vs the 33 MMT purchased in 2017.
Wheat 1-3 higher
Wheat trading 1-3 higher on the strength in soy and corn futures recent rains in the HRW belt and few showers in the Dakotas have the trade relaxing a bit. Keep a close watch on the dryness in Northwest ND and the southern Canadian prairies. Weather in Australia has been extremely dry and the 6-10 outlook also looks drier than normal.

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