Enlist E3™ Soybeans Up and Growing  

In this unprecedentedly delayed planting season, a new soybean technology system is being closely watched. For the first planting season ever, Enlist E3™ soybeans have been planted by customers across parts of the Agtegra countryside. These soybeans are the first three-gene, herbicide-tolerant trait stack with correlating EPA approved herbicides.  
The Enlist system provides growers the opportunity to incorporate Enlist One™ or Enlist Duo® into their management plans. Enlist herbicides contain 2,4-D choline, which is a new 2,4-D form with reduced volatility. The trait package also allows growers the flexibility to use glyphosate or glufosinate non-selective herbicides in their tank mixes.
The Enlist™ herbicides, formulated with Colex-D® technology, have reduced drift potential of moving from their intended target during application. But like all seed technology systems, effective weed management also involves carefully following all label requirements to assure maximum stewardship of herbicide usage.
“Seed supply was available only in introductory volumes this Spring,” says Nathan Kizer, Agtegra Director of Seed. “But we’re excited about the acres that were planted, and the weed control choices and performance solutions becoming more available to our growers.”
Besides customer fields, testing and evaluation of E3™ soybeans is very much underway this year in the 2019 Agtegra test plots.
 “Extensive testing of germplasm varieties is always part of our research plot focus, along with herbicide application management. We’ll then pass all of this data back to customers for maximizing the value of the E3™ trait,” says Kizer. “We are really looking forward to gaining more experience, more knowledge and best management practices as they become much more widely available for the 2020 growing season.”
Next year, even more E3 varieties will be available to customers.  Agtegra will have seed available from Mycogen®, Croplan® and NK®. Kizer suggests talking with your agronomist now about this seed technology and whether it’s “a good fit” for your operation.
 “We look forward to this line-up of products, offering maturity ranges developed for this region,” says Kizer.  “They’re going to be a good fit for our customers, battling weed resistance issues, like late-emerging glyphosate-resistant waterhemp.”
Kizer also reminds growers to visit an Agtegra test plot this summer and to watch for updates and data on E3™ performance and management from the Agtegra test plots.  

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