Hybrid/Variety Selection and Placement

Clint Matthews
Agtegra Regional Seed Sales Manager


Let’s face it, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing seed for your farm. The decision on which products to purchase and where to place them is a complicated one. There are many factors that can impact performance. Understanding those dynamics and how to navigate through the maze of options can be the difference between a successful year and a disappointing one. Working with a trusted advisor, like your local Agtegra Sales Agronomist, will help ensure you consider the appropriate issues influencing product placement.

Let’s review some of the key factors to consider. Farming practices such as planting equipment, tillage system, crop rotation, fertility program and yield goals all vary from one operation to another and will influence accurate placement. Environmental considerations like soil texture, soil PH, organic matter, annual precipitation, GDU accumulation and insect or disease history can also affect which products are the best choice. Each hybrid or variety will have unique characteristics. Understanding which ones are most relevant to your operation will aid the decision-making process. Some examples to consider are yield potential, disease tolerance, trait package, dry-down, drought tolerance, root strength, stalk strength and ear flex. Each of these attributes can impact the product’s ability to perform in different environments. 

It’s a good idea to utilize local field trial data to compare products; however, it’s important to understand the quality of the data you are looking at. The most accurate information can be gleaned from looking at multiple plots over multiple years to eliminate anomalies and develop strong trends. Recognizing environmental influences on trial data is also critical to draw informed conclusions that can be helpful with product selection and placement. Maximizing ROI can be achieved by getting the right product on the right acre at the right population with the right fertility.