Join Us at Innovation FieldFest

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of precision agriculture? On September 6, Agtegra will be hosting an Innovation FieldFest plot tour north of the Bath facility on 132nd Street.

“We’ve enhanced this plot day by concentrating on ag technology and including breakout sessions to address agronomic challenges,” says Brad Ruden, Manager of Agronomy Tech Services. “Numerous implement and agronomy product vendors will be available to offer insight on how they can improve your operation.”  
The event begins at 11:30 a.m. with lunch and a Q&A panel with the Agtegra leadership team, followed by afternoon breakout sessions. Growers can choose to attend three of the five breakout sessions, which include:
Downforce Decisions
We only get one chance every season to plant a field correctly.  Planter setting and operation can affect the entire growing season. This session will focus on multi-hybrid, downforce, planting speed and other precision practices and how different planter settings affect root development.
Feed the Bean
Soybeans require just as much nutritional management as corn. In this session we will cover starter fertilizers and additives that have been successful in 2018. We will also discuss mid-season fertilizer applications that can maximize your soybean yield.
Managing Nitrogen
In this session, you will learn about different methods of splitting nitrogen to achieve your fertility program goals. Topics will include Y-drop in-season, top-dress urea and our recommendations of best timing of split nitrogen applications to get the most out of your nitrogen program. Best practices for protecting nitrogen and other nutrients added during the season will also be covered.
Getting Started
Learn to boost your fertility program with proven starter fertilizers and additives for corn and soybean nutrient management programs. We will discuss optimizing starter fertilizer products, additives and rates to meet your specific needs.

Pick a Date
This session focuses on the effects of delayed vs early planting dates.  We will discuss plant health and development we have seen throughout the year on corn and soybeans planted after the spring wintry weather in cool conditions vs late in dry conditions.  We will also discuss managing crop nutrition when the spring season disappears and the application and planting windows overlap.

“Each season we have just one opportunity to get our crops off to a good start,” says Ruden. “Farmers attending FieldFest on September 6 will learn about early decisions that affect crops throughout the growing season. We hope to see you there!”