Beyond White Mold, SDS or Brown Stem Rot: Harvest Time Soybean Diseases

As we roll along with soybean harvest, there are a few questions that have come in on issues seen across the region.  Some issues are causing yield loss, other issues are visible, but not causing loss.  Unfortunately, there are areas in some fields that just simply are not yielding up to what was expected.  This is especially true in the drought-affected areas of the region.  Diagnosing the problem in these fields takes a little detective work.  Once the direct effects of environment and crop nutrition are ruled out, diseases are the next issues to address.  White Mold, Sudden Death Syndrome and Brown Stem Rot are all real issues and have been seen in the area.  Unfortunately, there are a few more soybean diseases, often less visible, that creep in around pod fill and can take away a significant amount of yield.  If a low yielding area is found, take a moment to stop, pull some plants, look at stems and roots, split open some pods and see if one of the following non-disease issues or a disease is potentially robbing that top end yield we hoped for. 

Management on all the diseases listed includes crop rotation and good, solid agronomic practices, including planting full-season soybeans, using a good seed treatment and keeping plants healthy.  Timely fungicide applications may be beneficial in some cases.