Recently, some very nice looking roots and stalks from corn starter additives were observed from Agtegra's Bath Research and Technology Plots.

Dekalb 47-47 corn was planted at 34,000 plants per acre on May 12, 2018.  The plants were dug July 6, 2018, or 55 days after planting.  The base starter fertilizer applied to the plots was 5 gallons of 10-34-0.  There are really positive results all around from any starter additive. 

The pictures below show tremendous results from the proprietary Agtegra starter additive EnhanZe which contains chelated zinc, phosphorus protection and fulvic acid all in one convenient package. Plus, it is compatible with all standard starter fertilizers!  This premium additive gave large stems, lots of root development and strong brace roots! 

It has been a great year for products like Ascend SL from Winfield United or even simply adding a simple chelated zinc product improved plant growth and development.  Visit with your Agtegra agronomist about plans for choosing the right starter additive - your corn will appreciate the boost!


Ascend SL: