11 in 11 Patronage Update 

Agtegra Cooperative paid cash patronage to its members totaling $11 million in the cooperative’s first 11 months of operations.

The Agtegra Board of Directors approved a $10 million qualified patronage allocation with $4 million (40%) that was paid in cash and distributed to members in December. In addition, the Directors approved $4 million in old-year equity that was paid in November. This all comes on top of $2.5 million paid in Age 70 and Age 80 retirement program payments last July and $500,000 paid through the estate program.
“When adding these numbers, it quickly becomes apparent that in our first 11 months as Agtegra Cooperative we have returned $11 million in cash patronage to our members,” said Agtegra Chief Financial Officer Blake Bomesberger. “This certainly demonstrates the value of the cooperative system.”
In addition, Agtegra Cooperative passed through $9 million in Section 199 Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD)
to Patrons.
“We know how much these distributions mean to our farmers and their families and the communities they live in, and we really believe the cooperative model offers them the best support, even in the most challenging years,” said CEO Chris Pearson.
“The foundation of a cooperative is the value it can return to its members, and it feels really good to be returning this kind of value to our members this early in our existence as Agtegra.”