Agtegra App Allows Members easy Access to Their Data

Agtegra customers can now have real-time updates on their Agtegra information and account through the new Agtegra app, which launched in July.
“The app will enhance how our patrons do business with us and provide new value-added capabilities,” says Mike Nickolas, Executive Vice President of Grain.
The Agtegra app is available on the App Store and Google Play. After downloading, the app prompts Agtegra customers to register online at
“The registration form can be found on the Agtegra website home page,” says Travis Antonsen, Producer Marketing Manager.
“The app will allow Agtegra customers to see all of their grain data,” adds Antonsen. “Members will be able to see cash bids, futures prices at all locations, and weather. A new feature is notifications for locations that they do business with. Members will also have the ability to access their account data, specifically around grain contracts, tickets and ticket details, and commodity balances.”
Members will have the option to receive push notifications or alerts for all locations.
“The app will be enhanced this fall or winter,” Antonsen adds. “We’re going to continue adding features and improving the app to better meet the needs of our member-owners.”