AGTEGRA's Commitment to community support

Last week, the South Dakota National Guard 1st Battalion 147 Field Artillery conducted a mobilization training exercise together with BNSF and Agtegra that involved hauling transportation vehicles by rail to another training location in Grayling, MI.
BNSF has a long  standing relationship with the military. For this exercise near Aberdeen, Agtegra Grebner location made its tracks available to load over 200 vehicles on over 60 rail cars. An exercise such as this was last performed in 2003 since regular training is generally in a closer vicinity. Partnering with the National Guard and BNSF is a great example of Agtegra’s  commitment to community support.
Pictures courtesy of Greg Smith, Agtegra Director of Communications

The National Guard using connectors to bridge the gaps between the rail cars.

The National Guard directing the driver onto the rail car.