Recently Agtegra Safety team demonstrated ATV safety at the Aberdeen YMCA’s Touch A Truck event.  The Agtegra ATV Simulator is the first of its kind in South Dakota and provides our safety team the opportunity to share the following safety tips:
•  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is Key - Always use a DOT approved helmet, wear goggles  or glasses, and a long sleeve shirt and jeans.
•  ATV Should Match the Rider - Recent injuries and deaths are largely attributed  to youth riding on machines too large for  their weight size.
•  Uneven Terrain Training - Knowing the right way to shift your weight when  riding on ground that puts the rider at a 25  degree angle.
•  Solo Rider - Importance of riding without passengers.
This event offered participants a hands-on opportunity to explore working trucks of all types,  including construction machinery and emergency vehicles.   Youth from all over the Aberdeen and surrounding communities were able to explore the different equipment, interact with the equipment operators and ask questions.