Cenex Total Protection Plan®: Delivering When You Need It the Most

Additional warranty protection for your new and used farm equipment that has minimum paperwork, pays claims generously and rapidly, and is moderately priced. Is it too good to be true? The Fuel Team at Agtegra Cooperative would tell you that’s exactly what the Cenex Total Protection Plan® (TPP) delivers.
“All it basically takes is the use of Cenex® fuels and lubricants,” says Refined Fuel Manager Troy Weig. “And what you receive back is some amazingly good insurance on your farm machinery that is remarkably low in cost, when you need it the most.”

Pretty much all breakdowns are mistimed, especially during planting or harvesting. Add the unplanned cash flow challenges to machinery downtime and suddenly you can have an overwhelming issue. However, that repair bill will not look nearly as daunting, with TPP in place.
“The plan provides some peace of mind, no doubt about it,” explains Weig. “We’ve got customers that already see the value gained by using Cenex products for today’s high-tech engine systems, anyway. The ability to extend the warranty fairly inexpensively by using products they already believe in, is just icing on the cake.”
TPP extends beyond manufacturer’s warranties, covering new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours and used equipment for up to 8 years or 8,000 hours, both with no deductible. To enroll, customers purchase the program, which also includes a sizable rebate on associated products. Customers must also use premium Cenex®-branded fuels and lubricants and perform regular oil analysis on their equipment.

Several Agtegra customers have recently experienced firsthand the value of TPP, including the Quandt Brothers, a family farm operation, near Oakes, North Dakota. Their 2010 Case Quadtrac® tractor was enrolled, with roughly 6,400 hours on the engine. Late last fall, the tractor lost oil pressure, and the oil pump locked up while finishing up harvest pulling the grain cart.

The Quandts contacted the Agtegra Tire Center in Oakes, ND and the ball began rolling.  Rapidly. “They gave us a call after it happened, and we got the claim process started,” explained Jeremy Lozenski, Fuel Sales Manager. “They were very impressed with the whole process. It was quick, painless and that big check was tremendous peace of mind for such a tremendous expense.”

The tractor has been ready for spring planting for some time now, with a check of $43,880.41, from Cenex, that paid for repairs. That, says Lozenski, is the value of TPP. “You know as a sales manager, I already believe in the value of the products we carry,” he says. “But being able to offer this to customers, it truly is a program that’s almost a little too good to be true.”
But believe it. It really is true, and it really works. That’s why we make it an option for our member-owners. Contact your nearby fuel location for specific enrollment details, especially with spring planting just down the muddy road.