Returns on Precision Efficiencies

Every farmer wants to get the most out of their equipment, and technology is hurtling the agriculture industry forward at lightning speed. Using precision agriculture can make your operation more efficient and grow more bushels on fewer acres.
One example of using precision agriculture technology to improve your operation is through meter calibration for planters. The process is very thorough, according to Lance Larsen, Agtegra Cooperative Precision Service Coordinator.

Meter Calibration for Precise Planting
“The meter is cleaned from top to bottom. It will be tested to see where its performance is at, calibrated and set so that every time a seed is dropped in the seed trench, the planting meter is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and the timing is right,” Larsen says.
Part of that thorough process includes inspection for wear on parts and meter components, according to Todd Linbo, Agtegra Innovation Center Manager.
Larsen says that it’s never too early for farmers to have their meter calibrated. Even right after planting season, meters can be prepared for the next crop year.
“It’s some of the cheapest insurance you can buy to ensure that your planter is calibrated and putting the seed where it needs to be all season long,” Larsen says. “If you look at the cost of one bag of seed corn and the amount of dollars that corn meter is going to influence, it’s huge.”
Precision During Harvest
Using yield saver chains during harvest is a great way to help reduce loss. The chains cushion the ears as they come into the head and use a brush system that catches any kernels that do come off the cob, making sure you capture all the field’s potential. Loss of one to two kernels per square foot could equal more than a bushel across an entire field so the savings add up very quickly.
Using a chain roll on headers during harvest is another precision product to consider. The chain roll helps break up the corn stalks into sizable residue still manageable by the row cleaner. This increases surface area and in turn, speeds up microbial breakdown, freeing up more nitrogen so the field is ready for the next crop year.
For other precision tips or for precision product information, contact your local Agtegra Precision Ag Specialist.