Feed Your Plants to a Successful Harvest

Crops are hungry plants! Getting corn and soybeans off to a rapid and healthy start in the growing season is a multiple step process.

The most important step in that process is providing crops with adequate early season nutrition. As plants emerge and root growth is just beginning to explore the soil around the seed furrow, the seedling can no longer rely on the seed itself for nutrition. Excellent crop nutrition early, especially plant-available phosphorus, helps establish strong, vigorous root systems that can support the plant throughout the growing season.

The key to providing young plants with a good supply of nutrients that are available for uptake is by using starter fertilizers and additives.

Depending on your soil profile, other nutrients may be critical for adding, including a source of available zinc, which is a necessary partner to phosphorus, as well as potassium and sulfur.

Choices Abound

Consider one of several proven starter fertilizer packages. A good supply of starters are available, ranging from basic phosphorus-focused commodities, such as 10-34-0, up to complete starter packages for corn, such as 8-20-5-4S-.5 Zn, offered through our local production partner, Prescription Agronomics.

For soybeans, or those growers looking for a lower salt product, a new complete starter blend is available: A7-23. This product, with a full analysis of 7-23-4-1S-.25Zn, has proven itself in research and technology plots last season and is an excellent new offering.

Also available is a full line of premium starter additives, including micronutrients, plant growth regulators and biostimulants to fulfill specific needs in your fields.

Agtegra’s agronomy team is available to help you create a customized nutrition plan to optimize production and maximize return on investment for your operation.