go green with agtegra 

Agtegra would be glad to assist you in disposal and recycling of your 2.5-gallon pesticide containers, chemical containers, wooden pallets, tires, used oil, grain bags and old shuttles. Please see all recycling instructions below:
2.5-Gallon Pesticide Container Recycling in SD
Please ensure that all containers are rinsed, and the cap and labels are removed prior to drop-off. Below are the locations and pickup times: 

Agtegra Location: Pick-up Time: Pick-up Date:
Redfield 1 PM – 4 PM July 10
Huron 8 AM – 12 PM July 11
Herreid 9 AM – 12 PM July 15
Roscoe 9 AM – 1 PM July 16
McLaughlin 9 AM – 12 PM July 17
Wessington Springs 9 AM – 12 PM July 29
Kennebec 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM July 31
Chamberlain 9 AM – 1 PM Aug 5
Kimball 8 AM – 11 AM Aug 8

Pesticide and Chemical Recycling in ND
North Dakota uses Project Safe Send which helps citizens legally dispose of unusable pesticides. This program is safe, simple and free. The program accepts any pesticides (i.e. Herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides) that are old, unusable or banned. The collected pesticides are carefully packed and shipped out of state for incineration. To find a drop-off location, please contact Andy at the information below.
To recycle your wooden pallets, tires, used oil, grain bags, or old shuttles, please contact Andy at the information below.
Questions regarding recycling? Please contact Andy Clemen at 605-216-2587 or andrew.clemen@agtegra.com