Monitoring Soybean Storage Quality

With the Agtegra Bin Probe Service

Technology was bred into your soybeans, and precision helped plant them. Now that they’re in your bin, continue that high level of management with professional storage sampling. Let Agtegra’s technicians help monitor soybean storage quality through the Agtegra bin probe service.
Across the Agtegra trade territory, a large portion of new-crop soybeans went into bins this fall in response to the current tariff/export situation. Additionally, much of the crop was harvested under cool, damp weather conditions, making storage moisture levels potentially problematic.
Soybeans, even under the best of conditions, can require a little more bin management than other grains. With on-the-farm soybean storage at historic levels combined with possible spoilage issues, it’s going to take more than just a watchful eye and basic grain sampling to minimize storage losses.
So get ahead of quality problems using Agtegra’s specially-equipped probing equipment and total-bin grain sampling. Agtegra’s innovative probing system provides a tipoff analysis of potential storability issues, helping customers stay ahead of grain condition problems—and helping prevent bushel loss in today’s slim margin marketplace.
A limited-time bin probe special is now underway to get your soybeans sampled and tested. The one-time mobilization fee has been reduced to $200 for up to three sampling sessions, with a $20/bin per session sampling fee. 
Contact your local Agtegra Grain Marketing Specialist for more information and to get your bins on the probe service schedule. And check out more bin probe service information  here