Precision Irrigation Management Now Available  

Valley Scheduling is now available from—where else—the Agtegra Innovation Center. Brand new to Agtegra, this irrigation management tool provides informed watering recommendations based on soil, moisture and weather data collected from individual fields.
Agtegra Innovation Center Manager Todd Linbo says this is exactly the kind of tech product that defines Innovation Center services. “We’re excited to offer this precision tool to our irrigators. Today’s growers need accessible information to optimize production on their irrigated acres. With Valley Scheduling, irrigation can be managed more efficiently and precisely, with potential for increasing productivity.”
The tool’s hardware includes an AgSense®-based Aqua Trac Lite telematics monitor; Rain Gauge ‘catch bucket,’ attached to the monitor; and Sentek Soil Moisture Probe, which has sensors providing real-time soil profile data. Customizable options are also available for growers not using AgSense®. All the information from the hardware flows to the Valley Scheduling software. Growers access the information through a user-friendly dashboard app on their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
Lance Larsen, Agtegra precision service coordinator, says Valley Scheduling beats the driving around guesswork that is used to power irrigation decisions. “Using this technology is like having another set of eyes in the field,” says Larsen. “You’re using field-proven crop and water science to schedule smart irrigation.”
To further hone accuracy, customers will enter crop type and growth stages, along with other farm information, into the portal, which combine with automatically updated weather information. This data will be compiled with the real-time sensors to provide total-picture analysis from each pivot.  
System installation is done through your Innovation Center experts. Larsen says that the Innovation Center will run occasional service checks to ensure continued seamless integration between hardware and software, but the collected data is only accessible to farmers. When the season is over, the hardware is removed from the fields.
Linbo notes this is one more Innovation Center solution for enhancing profitability potential on every acre. “This information can increase yield potential and profitability by using less energy and fewer resources by watering the right amount, in the right places and at the right times.”

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