removing Abandoned wood house elevators

We’ve shared with you previously our intent to modernize our facilities and use technology to achieve efficiencies in how we serve our customers. We just completed a project to remove four dry fertilizer houses that have sat unused for some time. We are now turning our attention to old wood houses.

In the next few days, we plan to remove the abandoned wood house elevators at Craven. We also are going to use this as an opportunity to perform upgrades and improvements at Craven to help enhance our ability to serve customers in that area.

This is consistent with our plan to remove outdated, unused and in some cases abandoned facilities, both for the visual and operational benefit, but more importantly for safety reasons. The fire at Mina earlier this spring serves as a poignant reminder of the safety hazards created by aging facilities.

The Maintenance Construction and Procurement team is finalizing the process of obtaining bids, working on permit plans, looking at overall cost and priority work associated with removal of these facilities. This will be a 3-week project, but we plan to do the work in a way that we can also continue serving our customers’ daily grain and agronomy needs.

Agtegra is proud to be part of so many communities in the Dakotas. We want to work every day to be sure our communities are as proud to have us there as we are to be there.