Treat Your Soybeans the Right Way for Maximum ROI 

Maximizing soybean profitability is all about getting the most out of every seed planted in the field. But there is so much more to maximizing soybean potential and growth, and it includes every phase of the crop season.
Maximum yield starts with an optimal stand of healthy, vigorous, well-rooted seedlings and continues with healthy plants throughout the season. Early and uniform stand establishment sets the stage for a successful crop with a strong root system.
Seed treatments and inoculants are critical components in assuring an early, uniform stand establishment. Seed treatments should be applied to every seed in every crop, on every acre, every year—they are not just a one-time practice.
In soybeans, using a premium treatment package including Cruiser Maxx Vibrance and Preside inoculant has consistently shown higher stand counts, improved yield and a very consistent and impressive return on investment compared to basic seed treatments.
Protecting Crops from Fungi & Insects
Getting your crop on the fast track to success includes more than just seed treatments. You have to protect the crop at all stages of the growing season from other threats.
Using premium fungicide and insecticide packages offers farmers a lot of benefits over the course of the growing season, including:

  • Reducing the risk of early season insect and disease pressure
  • Providing faster canopy closure and nutrient uptake
  • Optimizing plant health
  • Increasing stress tolerance and vigor

Our top-tier inoculant, Preside, provides many benefits over standard inoculants, including:

  • Higher rhizobia count (four times more than competitors)
  • Increased nodulation and nodule activity
  • Faster canopy closure
  • Take-Off Technology

The Take-Off Technology creates a demand for nitrogen in the plant, increasing nitrogen uptake and utilization from the nodules. This increased nitrogen demand also generates root growth and overall nutrient uptake, and results in proven increases in bottom-line yield. 
Seed treatment and inoculant packages available from Agtegra, when used together, help ensure that your soybean crop can reach its maximum potential return on investment.