At Agtegra Cooperative, our devotion to superior service, relentless innovation and
member success is at the forefront of everything we do. We give members access
to the best products, services and in-field assistance to maximize their production.

About Agtegra Cooperative

Agtegra Cooperative is an innovative, farmer-owned grain and agronomy cooperative with more than 6,700 active member-owners in eastern North and South Dakota. In addition to offering grain and agronomy services, Agtegra offers its members aerial application services, fuel, feed, and precision ag hardware and software products and services.
Agtegra Cooperative promotes agricultural sustainability through the best applications of science and technology in an effort to assist farmers in the production of a safe, healthy and abundant supply of grain in an economically viable system.



Agtegra Cooperative was formed in February 2018 from a unification of two legacy-rich, farmer-owned cooperatives – 95-year-old South Dakota Wheat Growers (Aberdeen) and 102-year-old North Central Farmers Elevator (Ipswich, SD). Both cooperatives formed at the turn of the 20th Century to serve their pioneer customers and communities. Across the sparsely settled countryside, the economic advantages of joining together gave rise to the cooperative legacy of service, value and working together. Over the years, generations of members have worked and adapted to the changes that have occurred throughout agriculture. 

Today, at farmer-owned Agtegra, that legacy-rich, future-focused cooperative spirit continues to thrive. Our devotion to superior service, relentless innovation and member success is at the forefront of everything we do. We give members access to the best products, services and in-field assistance to maximize their production. We dedicate our efforts to safety of our employees and members in all that we do. And we commit to supporting our members and their communities for generations to come.

the values that guide us

Successful organizations are those that have a clear focus on how to serve their customers.
Agtegra has developed a purpose statement that is designed to give us that kind of focus. The statement is short, easy to remember, and provides a clear direction.
The Agtegra purpose statement is: Linking Your Farm to the Future
We exist to support our members and patrons, helping you succeed in your operation. As you succeed, you’re able to prepare your farm for the next generation. We want to be there with you, serving as your link in achieving that success, in connecting today to the future.
With our purpose statement, we also have identified Core Values to guide us in our efforts on behalf of our members and patrons. These values are:

  • Integrity – Build trusting relationships
  • Safety – Demonstrate safety at all times
  • Customer Commitment – Be invested in our customers’ success
  • Employee Excellence – Develop and empower high-performing teams
  • Financial Stability – Consistently grow financial strength
  • Innovation – Use technology to create and deliver value

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our members and patrons in this way. These will be the values that guide us in serving you, today and for generations to come.

agtegra's governance

board of directors:

Agtegra Cooperative is governed by a board made up of active agricultural producers that are elected by our members.

delegate Council:

The Board of Directors is backed by Delegates elected by the members. The Delegates serve on the Delegate Council and act as a liaison with the members by providing valuable insight to the Directors.

At a Glance: 

 •    Over 60 locations
 •    50 communities
 •    22,600 equity holders
 •    Marketing nearly 240 million bushels annually
 •    6,354 active producer members



(includes all states except MN)


Hal Clemensen
Glen Crawford
Joel Erickson
Lance Hanson
Matt Johnson
Marlin Nilsson
Phillip Shanley



Gaylon Anderson
Drew Courtney
Brian Dennert
Colin Dutenhoffer
Michael Gage
Randy Kienow
Jeff Kippley
Jeff Schaunaman
Kirk Schaunaman
Scott Sperry


(includes MN)


Mark Bushfield
Ronnie Frericks
Wallace Knock
Jeff Lakner



Andrew Boomsma
Heather Beaner
Scott BoekelHeide
Logan Clemensen
Jay Esser
Darby Fast
Jarrod Haven
Dave Jandel
Brian G. Johnson
Keith Lambert
Steve Masat
Dwight Melius
Matt Micheel
Jason Pazour
Mike Puffer
Rory Troske
Tony Tschetter
Jeff Vander Wal
Eric Zell




Mike Clements
Chris Eymer
Steve Halverson
David Salmen
Dale Swanson



Vaughn Barondeau
Jerry Busch
Phillip Edwards
Allen Hageman
Doug Halverson
Justin Harer
Mike Haselhorst
Jake Horning
Corey Johannsen
Matt Jones
Matt Leisinger
Nick Nemec
Norval Millard
Ronnie Prien
John Simonson
Harlan Smith
Joe Swanson
Mitchell Swanson




Colby Beck
Nathan Davis
Dale Gill
Quentin Larson
Dan Malsam
Derek Merkel
Rick Osterday
Ken Rau
Steve Pfeifer
Larry Vetch


Darwin Aman
Troy Beck
Allen Beyers
Don Eberle
Jason Fauth
Evan Haar
Ed Heinz
Charles Hettich
Jon Hoffman
Rodney Hoffman
Andrew Hulm
Toby Keller
Mike Meier
William Plush
Thomas Schaefbauer
ReEtta Sieh
Gary Ternes
Eric Thomas
Terry Ulrich
Jeff Van Beek
Loren Vandervorst
Andy Weisser
Wade Weiszhaar
John Wiest
Mike Williams

director and delegate elections

Agtegra Cooperative will hold elections for directors and delegates annually in December. If you would like to participate in governance of your cooperative, this is your opportunity to take the next step.
This year there are five director positions available and 20 delegate positions available. One director will be elected from each territorial district and one director will be elected at-large. Five delegates will be elected from each territorial district.
The Board of Directors has adopted the territorial district lines for director and delegate elections. If you qualify to be a member, you will be assigned to a territorial district, as shown on the map, based on the address on your account with Agtegra Cooperative.
Each member will be eligible to vote for one director from their territorial district each year and five delegates from their territorial district each year. Each member will also be able to vote for one director at-large each year.  
If you patronize an Agtegra Cooperative location located in a district other than the one you will be assigned, you may request to be reassigned to the district where you conduct business with Agtegra.
To make a request to change districts, please email valerie.weisser@agtegra.com with your name, contact information, and the district you wish to be assigned to, or mail a letter with the same information to: Attn: Val Weisser, Agtegra Cooperative, 908 Lamont Street South, Aberdeen, SD 57401. Your email or letter must be received no later than 5 pm on Friday, October 19, 2018.
Director and delegate elections will be conducted via mail ballot, mailed to each member’s account of record prior to the annual meeting of the members, which is scheduled for Wednesday, December 19, 2018.
If you are interested in running to be a director or delegate, please contact Val Weisser at (605) 725-8341 or via email valerie.weisser@agtegra.com. The deadline for a member to be considered by a nominating committee is October 1, 2018.
A member may also self-nominate for a director or delegate position if they submit a petition to the Agtegra Cooperative office forty (40) days prior to the annual meeting of the members, which is scheduled for December 19, 2018. If you wish to take out a petition, rather than be considered by a nominating committee, please contact Val Weisser at (605) 725-8341 or via email valerie.weisser@agtegra.com.
If you have any other questions about the districts or upcoming election, please contact Agtegra Cooperative Corporate Attorney Mike Traxinger at (605) 725-8325 or via email at mike.traxinger@agtegra.com.
Agtegra's Territorial Districts          - District 1 includes all states except Minnesota
         - District 2 includes Minnesota


2018 Patronage

Qualified Patronage Allocation – Agtegra Cooperative’s Board of Directors has approved a $10M qualified patronage allocation for 2018 with $4M (40%) to be paid in cash. Dividend checks will be mailed the first half of December.
Old Year Equity Retirement – In addition to the qualified patronage dividend Agtegra’s Board has approved the payment of old year equity totaling $4M. Old year equity checks are scheduled to be mailed in late November or early December.
Non Qualified Patronage Allocation – There will be no non-qualified allocation for 2018.    
Domestic Production Activities Tax Deduction (Section 199) – Agtegra will be passing through $9M of this tax deduction to patrons in 2018. Section 199 allocation letters will be mailed the first week of December.  


The word “cooperative” means working or acting together for a common purpose. As a legacy-rich, future-focused cooperative, Agtegra Cooperative is dedicated to supporting the success of its members and the health of their communities for generations to come. From our strength and stability, we seek to apply our resources to sustaining local, small-town service. 
Community Donations 
 At Agtegra Cooperative, we believe supporting strong, stable communities is at the heart of our commitment to our members. As your cooperative, we stand ready to face today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Our connections begin with our most valued assets: member-owners and their communities. 

Donation Request Form 
 We are proud to support community and charitable organizations throughout our growing area. To request a sponsorship or donation for your organization, please fill out and submit the form below.

Is your request needed by a certain date? Please clearly state your goal while describing your request. Also, please note that a submitted request does not guarantee a donation. 

Safety Initiatives

At Agtegra, we believe there’s nothing more important than safety. 

Farming, grain operations, crop protection product handling, and agriprocessing – these can be hazardous jobs if safety isn’t made the top priority. That’s why Agtegra adopted BASE: Behaviors Achieving Safety Excellence. Essentially, it’s a plan to enlist the eyes and ears of every Agtegra employee to observe how we work and make suggestions on ways to improve safety. 

Agtegra is dedicated to providing the safest workplace possible for all our employees and member-owners.

Our Safety Team - Creating a Culture of Safety 

- Vice President of Safety and Environmental Affairs, Bill Spreeman, who brings more than 30 years’ experience to the position.

- Designated regional safety managers help carry safety initiatives throughout Agtegra’s trade territory.

- Through continuing education and safety training events across the entire organization, our safety team  facilitates ongoing identification of safety strengths and areas for improvement.

- Our extended safety team of 40 B.A.S.E. (Behaviors Achieving Safety Excellence) Observers conduct more than 3,800 observations annually aimed at affirming safety practices and behaviors.

- Our team of Agtegra Cooperative employees, all dedicated to achieving the highest levels of safety performance every day at all 62 of our locations.

Contact Us / Q&A

For more information, to share questions or comments, there are several ways to reach us. You may use the contact form below or phone us toll-free at 888-429-4902 or locally at 605-225-5500.

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