The relevance of ag technology continues to rapidly evolve. While staying on the leading edge has become essential, it can also be a time-consuming challenge. 

Utilizing the right technologies for optimum return-on-investment is essential in today’s agribusiness climate. Your team at Agtegra can guide you through a complete ag technology platform that will help you make the proper investment decisions of agronomic inputs and precision products. 

Using Agtegra’s ag technology, you can count on us for seamlessly connecting data-driven agronomy decisions through all facets of crop production. From start to finish, our team is empowered to help you capture greater farm profitability and help guide your business to success.

Your Agtegra agronomist can help you choose a best-fit zone management system, and your prescision ag specialist can help you choose and install the right equipment to meet the needs of your operation.



Not all management zones are created equal. Our team of highly trained mapping center specialists will work with your agronomist to analyze map layers for consistency and develop the most detailed zones available in the industry today—all to provide a best-fit solution for your crop production needs. At Agtegra, we do more than just generate a computer model—we combine precision zones with your local agronomics and put it to work to meet your goals.


  • •6-8 management zones
  • •Created with electrical conductivity, RTK Elvation, and yield potential layers
  • •Soil-sampled by zone to benchmark optimal nutrient efficiencies for developing fertilizer and seed population recommendations


  • •Up to 5 management zones
  • •Created with elevation and yield potential layers
  • •Soil-sampled by zone to benchmark optimal nutrient efficiencies for developing fertilizer and seed population recommendations


The basics behind MZB is using data to maximize input investments in the right zones. The intricacy behind the multi-layer MZB maps includes collection of soil electrical conductivity (EC), RTK-measured elevation, GNDVI crop vigor measurements and other parameters.



Managing nutrient variability through different zones within a field, based on yield goals, has been shown to have tremendous advantages over managing nutrient applications on a whole-field scale. Utilizing the MZB system allows you and your agronomist to custom-tailor a precision management plan based on data-driven knowledge and on-farm expertise. Through zone management you are able to unlock your field’s full yield potential.


The 4R Nutrient Stewardship approach: the right source, right rate, right place and right time. This approach is an effective variable rate strategy that is sustainability sound and economically viable

Variable rate, multi-product
split application
  • •Variable rate split application prescriptions allow you to fully maximize your yield potential
  • •By only applying a portion of nutrients up front you are able to fine- tune in-season applications by adjusting to the current environmental conditions
  • •Using multiple, fine-tuned applications allows for higher nutrient efficiency while minimizing losses from leaching, immobilization and other weather events

Single-pass, multi-product 
variable rate application
  • •Single pass applications built to your zones provide a precise, multi- nutrient strategy designed to cover the season-long demands that your crops will require
  • •With a single pass system, you will have fewer trips through the field, meaning less fuel and less time spent
  • •With your agronomist helping to build the plan that best suits you, your yield potential can be attained while promoting soil health stewardship

Single-pass, single-product variable rate application
  • •Individual nutrient application with rates customized to fit zones, weather and agronomic conditions—fully optimizing fertilizer efficiency



Tissue Sampling

  • •Tissue sampling provides the actual physical analysis of a plant’s nutritional and health status
  • •Strategically pinpoint deficiencies before they may become visible and before top-end yield potential is affected

  • •Tissue sampling not only can tell you where your crops stand nutritionally but it can also help you tweak your management strategy, leading to greater yield potential

  • •Easily identify high vegetative regions to drive fungicide and/or nutrient applications

  • •Determine plant stand and other field variables

  • •Remotely identify weed, insect, and disease pressure

MZB ANALYTICS - Proving what pays.

MZB Analytics packages your agronomics and economics in
easy-to-read reports and dashboards. These visibility tools
allow customers to easily identify any nutrition, seed, and
crop protection issues as well as give an indication of where
corrective action needs to take place.

MZB Analytics can also determine a Yield Efficiency Score.
The Yield Efficiency Score will benchmark your field and
indicate how each field compares to others in the MZB

Your personal MZB Analytics advisor will assist you in the
setup, collection and entry of all field related activities and
expenses on an acre-by-acre, field-by-field basis. With
access to automated product trials, you have the
opportunity to learn from valuable data that is currently
being collected and often overlooked in your operation

Let MZB Analytics unlock your farms true potential today!

Circle-1-(1).pngLayers of Data

Circle-2.png MZB Precision Farming

Circle-3.pngMZB Analytics

Data Ownership

•MZB Analytics uses your data to generate agronomic and economic calculations. We pride ourselves in protecting this valuable information with a data ownership agreement which explains how your data is utilized, complete with an opt out for the data owner to access their contributed information. 


Integrated Agronomics and Economics

•Uncovering your break-even cost per bushel at themanagement zone level allows you and yourAgtegra Agronomist to optimize field and farm inputdecisions, leading to increased sustainability andultimately profitability.

•Yield efficiency dashboards report profit margins onall applied products on your operation, includinghybrid or variety, crop nutrition products, cropprotection, planting dates and much more.


Automated Trials

•Use low risk, randomized and replicated trialsexecuted at normal operating speeds to provethe optimal hybrid, rate, or product with astatistical confidence score.


Continous Improvement

•Within your Yield Efficiency dashboard you canbenchmark your farm against your fields as wellas others in the MZB Analytics systemanonymously. You can quickly see where eachfield ranks financially across your operation.Our team can help you narrow down thehundreds of agronomic factors to see how youstack up, understand where you fall short andultimately help you make confident decisionsto improve.

Farming is quickly becoming more and more technical.  From variable rate controllers and high speed planters, to downforce control systems and individual row control.  Agtegra’s team of highly skilled Innovation Center employees are here to keep your operation running.  

Introducing the “Agtegra Support Network” your one-stop number for on-demand support of Agtegra purchased technology products like Precision Planting and MZB VR Planting scripts.

To pre register text “opt in” to 605.303.6150  


Monitor crop quality and nutrient deficiencies and detect weed, insect and disease threats to preserve and protect yield with our full-service scouting plans. Timely, leaf-level insights help growers and retailers prioritize decisions for maximized ROI.



What you can't see can hurt you. Take your agronomy to a whole new level.

  • Ground truth with leaf-level precision and unmatched clarity.
  • Be at the right place at the right time with broadacre coverage.
  • Get speed and accuracy with AI-driven insights.


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