Custom Application

Agtegra offers the largest custom application fleet in the region – custom applying nearly 4 million acres every year.

Aerial Application
A complement to our ground application fleet, the aerial fleet is based in Highmore, Harrold, Huron, Clark and Webster. Our skilled pilot-applicators apply fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and fertilizer to fields across the Agtegra trade territory.

Crop Protection Application
Highly trained and Dicamba Certified applicators apply herbicide, fungicide and insecticide with sprayers equipped with advanced technologies for increased application precision.

Fertilizer Application
Our fertilizer application equipment is outfitted with variable rate technology to apply dry, liquid and anhydrous ammonia fertilizer in both the Fall and Spring.

Double Shot application applies anhydrous ammonia and dry fertilizer in one pass with minimal or light tillage and deep placement of the fertilizer. Applying fertilizer in the fall allows for a faster start on Spring fieldwork.

Strip Till increases fertilizer efficiency by precisely placing up to four nutrients in the root zone, promoting early root development and creating a warm seedbed for a quick start to germination.


From spring planting and crop monitoring to harvest and fall burndown – Agtegra Agronomists can help you increase harvest yields and identify issues before they become problems. 

Our full range of services includes:

  • Crop Monitoring

  • Nutrient Management

  • Plant Tissue & Health Analysis

  • Prescription Seed Placement

  • Soil Sampling & Testing


Our fleet of aerial application equipment provides precision spraying and spreading accuracy during any application window. Nutrients, fungicides and other late-season products protect your investment and ensure maximum yield potential.

Based in Highmore, Harrold, Huron, Clark and Webster, our skilled pilot applicators are available across the Agtegra countryside to complement our ground services.

For more information, contact your agronomist.

Agronomy Financing

Agtegra offers a variety of farm-friendly financing and payment options for our member-owners. Browse our financing and payment options to find the best fit for your operation.

For more information, talk to your local Agtegra Agronomist or visit our Financing page.