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Internships - How to apply

Remember to apply for internships early. Our summer intern recruitment begins in the fall and the internships begin to fill up at that time.

Internship Project

Agtegra Interns will complete a project related to their field of study. Managers work with the intern to find a project that will benefit the company and help the intern learn. For example, a project may concentrate on the nutrient requirement variations in corn, while other projects can include working with vendor accounts to receive outstanding credits or assisting with yield estimates.

Each Intern will present their project at the Internship Wrap-Up Event  to their intern peers, managers, and leadership team.

Intern Scholarship

Paid internships are an excellent way to assist with school expenses, especially with the opportunity to work overtime! Interns may also earn up to $750 in scholarship money upon the completion of their summer internship.
If you have any questions about the Agtegra Internship Program, please email

Important Events

Agtegra Cooperative offers a true internship program with multiple events for all interns to attend. Agtegra interns dive in and experience an exciting hands-on summer immersed in real world career activities. Following are the Internship Events:

Internship Kick-Off - Jump start your internship experience in May at our internship kick-off. Here, you’ll identify your internship goals, network with the management team, receive training, and meet all the other interns. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Agtegra leadership team and ask them any questions you may have.
Volunteer Day - Agtegra Cooperative proudly operates in 50 communities and is committed to making a different in these areas. On Volunteer Day, interns come together for a day of volunteering to gain a different perspective - one of service, purpose, and community.
Internship Wrap-Up - As the season ends and your internship nears completion, join us for the Intern Wrap-up in August. This is your chance to make a lasting impression! Share your achievements and key learnings from your internship experience with Agtegra Cooperative’s Management and Leadership Team.

Internship Spotlights

Branstyn Peterson: Grain Marketing Intern (South Dakota State University)
“My internship with Agtegra has given me an opportunity I never thought possible at my age. Even though I will be a junior ad South Dakota State University, the company has welcomed me and provided me with opportunities to learn. The experiences I have had, combined with the wisdom of my co-workers, has helped me to acquire great knowledge and guidance towards my future career. The skills I have gained this summer has gone far beyond anything I could have learned in the classroom. The cooperative and my summer as an intern, has confirmed my passions for a successful future in agriculture.”

Ty Alber: Agronomy Intern (North Dakota State College of Science)
“My internship with Agtegra has helped me apply what I have learned in the classroom to actual real-world events by allowing me to go out and ‘get my hands dirty’. These opportunities are helping me not only learn the material I studied but are helping me apply more than books could teach me. There is not a day that goes by where I do not learn something new. I am very thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given through my internship to help farther my education in the agricultural world.”

Sam Wolf: Grain Operations Intern (University of Wyoming)
“Agtegra has greatly exceeded my expectations in preparing me for a career in agriculture. My first day in Andover, I did not even have to introduce myself because everybody already knew my name. This speaks volumes of how kind and welcoming everyone is. Throughout the summer, I have had countless experiences and attained skills that are not able to be learned in the classroom. Agtegra is so dedicated to ensuring the benefit of the farmer through safe, efficient practices and that is what I appreciate the most about this company.”

Mateo Rubel: Agronomy Operations Intern (Iowa State University)
“My internship with Agtegra has been an eye-opening experience. I have enjoyed working as a part of a team in a great environment, where I have responsibilities, and get to interact with customers. I have gotten to learn the structure and work ethic of a cooperation, as well as the agriculture industry. Which are key concepts for my future career path. I am very grateful with Agtegra for giving me the opportunity to spend my summer working with such a great company.”

Christopher Barron: Research & Seed Plot Intern (Texas A&M)
“My time at Agtegra has taught me a lot. It has given me many opportunities to develop new skills and to gain a better understanding of the Ag field. Agtegra really cares about their interns, and they try to make sure that they can get the most out of their internship as possible.”

Abigail Ryan: Ag Tech Intern (South Dakota State University)
“My internship with Agtegra has been nothing short of the best! There really is no intern experience, in the Ag field, quiet like the one Agtegra has to offer! I am truly humbled by my experience and all the opportunities it has presented. My internship with Agtegra has helped me grow professionally and personally. Through my experience, I have been able to gain a plethora of knowledge within the AgTech space, along with many other parts of the industry. It has helped me take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real life. I have met so many great people within the industry, as well. The culture and experiences Agtegra have to offer, is unbeatable. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the company.

Cadee Schelske: Marketing/Communications Intern (South Dakota State University)
“During my internship with Agtegra I have been able to experience hands on learning opportunities and expand my knowledge and abilities. These skills I have gained this summer are greater than anything I could have ever learned in the classroom. Combining knowledge from co-workers and previous experiences, I have been able to grow as a designer and better prepare for my future career. Agtegra provides many different career opportunities that I would recommend to anyone.”

Shaunay Jones: Finance Intern (Northern State University)
“From my internship at Agtegra Cooperative I have been given countless opportunities to broaden my knowledge of finance, apply what I have learned through business courses at Northern State, and surround myself with individuals who have provided me with great guidance in pursuing my career goals beyond this program. I have realized, with each experience along the way, this internship is simply an extension of my education; and because of that, I have gained a strong confidence for making the transition from college to full-time employment.”

Joshua Hammrich: IT Intern (Dakota State University)
“Throughout my internship at Agtegra, I have had endless learning opportunities through hands-on projects. Throughout my coursework, I can only learn so much, here at Agtegra I have the benefit of putting that knowledge to real life situations. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and further my experience in this field, along with working with great co-workers that will happily teach and aid me. Agtegra Cooperative is a great company to grow your skills in any field!”