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Internships - How to apply

Remember to apply for internships early. Our summer intern recruitment begins in the fall and the internships begin to fill up at that time.
Ways to Apply
  1. Apply online at under the careers tab.
  2. Email your resume to
  3. Mail your resume to:
Agtegra Cooperative
Attn: Recruiter
908 Lamont St S
Aberdeen, SD 57401


Internship Project

Agtegra Interns will complete a project related to their field of study. Managers work with the intern to find a project that will benefit the company and help the intern learn. For example, a project may concentrate on the nutrient requirement variations in corn, while other projects can include working with vendor accounts to receive outstanding credits or assisting with yield estimates.

Each Intern will present their project at the Internship Wrap-Up Event  to their intern peers, managers, and leadership team.

Important Events

Agtegra Cooperative offer a true internship program with multiple events for all interns to attend. Agtegra interns dive in and experience an exciting hands-on summer immersed in real world career activities. Following are the Internship Events:

Internship Kick-Off - Jump start your internship experience in May at our internship kick-off. Here, you’ll identify your internship goals, network with the management team, receive training, and meet all the other interns. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Agtegra leadership team and ask them any questions you may have.
Volunteer Day - Agtegra Cooperative proudly operates in 50 communities and is committed to making a different in these areas. On Volunteer Day, interns come together for a day of volunteering to gain a different perspective - one of service, purpose, and community.
Internship Wrap-Up - As the season ends and your internship nears completion, join us for the Intern Wrap-up in August. This is your chance to make a lasting impression! Share your achievements and key learnings from your internship experience with Agtegra Cooperative’s Management and Leadership Team.

Intern Scholarship

Paid internships are an excellent way to assist with school expenses, especially with the opportunity to work overtime! Interns may also earn up to $750 in scholarship money upon the completion of their summer internship.
If you have any questions about the Agtegra Internship Program, please email

Internship Spotlights

Marcus Mahrer: Crop Scout Intern
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my last three internships with Agtegra and the opportunities that have been available to me during this time. I started my first year learning how operations and agronomy work together and the basics to scouting. My second internship was scouting based, making field recommendations, working with growers, and following up with agronomists on sales calls. Agtegra has set me up for success after college by helping me learn hands on about the industry through selling training, plot tours, and working with the excellent agronomy team in which it employs. “
Tyra Leonhardt: Precision Ag Intern
“Agtegra has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember, so for me to have an internship with them was a wonderful experience. Agtegra has a strong, dedicated precision ag team. Being able to work with them and learn from them was so valuable and has opened many doors for me, and has pointed me in the direction that I want to go with my career in the agriculture industry. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested or pursuing a degree in the agriculture or precision ag industry.”
Samuel Schaunaman: Grain Marketing Intern
“I enjoyed my time at Agtegra because of the co-workers I had and how they treated me and because I was able to try a variety of daily activities in the grain marketing office. My internship experience here was valuable because there were always so many lessons to be learned. It never mattered what it was, everything was put into a perspective that allowed me to learn and excel at what I was doing. Agtegra allows interns to explore and look into multiple sides of marketing grain and is a valuable opportunity to take advantage of. “
Colton Hanson: Crop Scout Intern
“My experience at Agtegra is one that I will never forget. The opportunities that I have been able to see and experience are undeniably useful now and will be 20 years from now. It has been great to work with some of the best people in the agricultural industry. The knowledge I have gained will help me in many ways to set me on a good career path.”
Andrea Schubloom: Marketing Intern
“During my internship, I was constantly given opportunities and challenged to try and experience new things. I worked with many aspects of marketing from advertising, graphic design, and video production, to social media, communications, photography and much more. My internship with Agtegra has helped me decide that marketing is an aspect of the agricultural industry that I want to pursue as I move forward with my future career. I would highly recommend a Agtegra internship to all students passionate about agriculture and looking to grow and learn in their respective fields of interest. “
Lucas Sternhagen: IT Intern
“During my experience at Agtegra I got to see firsthand how big of a role technology plays in agriculture and I've learned skills and gained experience that I will take back to college and to my future career. Data analysis and visualization were just a couple of the skills I got to work on during the summer. Working and making contacts with a great staff that all have a passion for agriculture is just one of many reasons my experience at Agtegra has been so beneficial.”
Amanda Clemen: Human Resources and Safety Intern
“My internship at Agtegra has been an incredible opportunity for me to learn and grow in the ag business world. The Human Resources department has allowed me to help with the recruiting process by attending job fairs, working with the FFA, and assisting managers by sending them job applicants and scheduling interviews with candidates. The safety department has allowed me to learn all about DOT driver files and to work with location managers to update all 350 of our driver files. I have gained knowledge that couldn’t be acquired in the classroom, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn here.”