This is the top portion of the statement that tears off to mail back with your payment. No statement details will print on the backside of the tear-off portion. This section contains:
  • Your account name and mailing address
  • The statement ending date
  • Your account number
  • Your account Total Balance as of the statement ending date – This includes everything that is open on your account, regardless of due date.  This may be greater than the amount due to be paid for the month if you have invoices that are deferred to a later payment date.
  • Your Total Amount Due for that month and the due by date – This is the portion of your Total Balance that is due by the specified due date. 
    • If you have a credit on your account, the amount due will be a negative number and will say Credit Balance-Do Not Pay instead of Total Amount Due
    • Your account balance and the amount due may not match if some of your invoices have future due dates
  • Amount remitted
  • Statement Terms, which state our interest charge rates if the statement is not paid by the due date
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Balance Forward

The next section in the statement is your Balance Forward, sometimes referred to as previous balance. This is your account’s regular and prepaid balances from the previous statement period.

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The detail section of your statement begins with listing your Payments made during the statement period. It will differentiate between a Regular Payment on your account and a Prepay Payment. Each payment will contain the following information:
  • Payment Date, which is the date we posted the payment to your account, not necessarily the date you made the payment
  • Payment ID Number
  • Payment method used to make the payment and reference for check numbers or card types
  • Payment Total amounts
  • Reference listing of all invoices or bookings the payment was applied to.
  • Any optional Comments that may have been added to your payment. 
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Your invoices will be listed after your payments. Each invoice contains the following information:

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice ID Number

  • Invoice type:

    • Charge Invoices will have a balance to be paid. *Partial payments that were applied to an invoice will not be reflected in the invoice total*

    • Paid Invoices are fully paid

  • Invoice payment Due date, if the invoice has an amount due

  • Products or services billed on the invoice with their corresponding Quantities, Price per unit, Unit of measure, total invoice amount (Extension) and Prepaid amount and/or amount due (Regular)

  • If your invoice was split with another account, the percentage of the invoice billed to your account will be listed in the % column next to the Extension amount. The full invoice quantity, price and extension will be listed, but only your share of the invoice will be listed in the Your Share Prepaid and Regular columns. The account name(s) the invoice was split with will also be listed.

  • The + symbol next to the amount listed in the Regular column, denotes a sales taxable item

  • Fuel card number used at the pump and the date it was used

  • If the invoice was for custom application, it will list the applied field’s MZB Dispatch field ID and alias name

  • Delivery or blend Ticket numbers tied to the invoice

  • Any optional Comments that may have been added to your invoice.

  • At the end of the invoice section, the Ending Total Balances sums up both the payments and invoices.

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Account Aging

This section lists the subtotals of all of the different balances on your account, with the invoices being displayed by the age of their original due date.

  • Future Due is the amount that is not due until a future date (beyond your statement due date)

  • Current is the amount of invoices created in the current statement period and due by the due date listed on your statement.  Any amounts in this category that are not paid by the statement due date will be subject to interest charges.

  • 1-30  is the amount that is past due by 1 – 30 days as of your statement ending date

  • 31-60  is the amount that is past due by 31-60 days as of your statement ending date

  • Over 60  is the amount that is past due by more than 60 days as of your statement ending date

  • Unapplied is the amount of open credit on your account that has not been applied to anything as of your statement ending date

  • Budget Billing is the current balance on your level pay propane contract.  This balance will fluctuate as you make your monthly payments and take deliveries.

  • Prepay  is the amount of prepaid dollars you have remaining on your account

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Future Due Invoices by Due Date

This section lists the running total of any open future due invoices and is summarized by due date.

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Sales Recap

This section summarizes your purchases by category, with sales tax summarized separately.

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Card Activity Recap

This recap section is new and shows a summary of fuel purchases made with each of your fuel cards. It lists the specific fuel products you purchased per card and the corresponding Quantities, amounts (Extension) and Sales Tax charged. View Larger

Unpaid Booking Recap

This section shows you details of your bookings (contracts) that are unpaid – please refer to your specific contract details for prepayment terms and due dates, if applicable. Quantities are listed for both the original booking quantity and remaining quantity. *Please note that the original quantity, displayed as of March 1, 2021, reflects the open quantities at the time that we transitioned your bookings from our old accounting system into our new system, and may not be the true original quantity you started with for the 2021 growing season.

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Prepay Recap

This section shows you details of your bookings (contracts) that have been prepaid and their remaining quantities and amounts.

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