Agtegra has a variety of farm-friendly terms, programs and finance tools to assist our member-owners with both the seasonal and day-to-day expenses that are part of a successful ag operation.


Input dollars are vital for staying competitive. We are committed to supporting the success of our member owners with the financing tools they need to succeed. Browse all of our financing and payment options to find the best fit for your operation. 

 All the information listed is also available at your local Agtegra locations. Ask your Sales Agronomist for details on how you can get started. Or you may also contact the Finance Department at 888-429-4902. 


Agtegra Retail Credit Resources

Input dollars are vital for staying competitive. Agtegra agromomy products are available via cash sale, open A/R account, prepay and credit cards. Additional farm-friendly financing options are offered for member-owners. Ask for details.


Credit Policy Change:

Starting December 1, 2019, Agtegra’s due date for outstanding accounts receivable balances will change from the 15th of the month to the 22nd of the month. This will provide you with an additional seven (7) days to pay your outstanding statement balance.  If payment is not received by the 22nd, interest charges will be assessed on the 23rd. The 22nd is not a post mark date. If you mail your payment be sure to allow for enough time for Agtegra to receive the payment by the 22nd.
In addition to the change in due date, Agtegra is cleaning up credit policy language and clarifying other items. One of these items relates to fuel and gas cards. If your fuel or gas card is lost or stolen please call Agtegra at (605) 225-5500 as soon as possible. You will not be responsible for any charges that occur after Agtegra receives notification that your card is lost or stolen.

Agtegra Financing 

The unique Agtegra Crop Input Loan program is like having your own ag shopping cart - ready to fill with the inputs you  need for profitable production. Use it for prepaid inputs bought before the growing season, or for products and services as you need them in-season. Pay your loan back as you market your crop.
  • • Agtegra funded and managed
    • Prior application/approval required
    • Covers only Agtegra purchases
    • Competitive interest rate: Prime -1% variable rate on all approved applications received by Feb 1
    • After Feb 1 - rate will be Prime plus 1/2%
    • General maturity dates range 12/1 - 1/15
Agtegra Input Application
Application - Balance Sheet
Input - Expense Worksheet

A crop operating loan from Agtegra can put your cooperative to work growing your finance options, too. A simple application, automatic paying of monthly statements and frequent updates on loan status — we’re all about making our programs as convenient and as favorable as possible for our borrowers.
  • • Agtegra funded and managed
    • Prior application/approval required
    • Covers most farm expenses
    • Up to 2.5% interest rebate available
    • Prime Plus risk adjusted score variable rate
    • General maturity dates range 12/31 - 2/15
Agtegra Operating Application
Agtegra Authorization for Release of Information
Application – Balance Sheet
Operating – Farms Operated Worksheet
Operating – Expense Worksheet 


Through its partners, Agtegra Cooperative is able to offer a variety of specific options for crop inputs. Our product suppliers have several specific options for crop protection products, based on individual needs. Contact your Agtegra Sales Agronomist for more information.

The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) provides input lines of credit to qualified patrons. The CFA Input Advantage program is a variable rate loan subject to credit approval by CFA.
• Valid on all products purchased from Agtegra
• Loan applications due Apr 30, 2020
• Loan balance due Feb 15, 2021
Application Deadline Interest Rate*
February 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020 6.25% variable
As of Aug 20, 2019, Variable Interest Rates are based on the CFA Advantage Rate. CFA Interest Rate indices are published at:

     Fixed 0% due in December 2020
     Start date 10/1/2019 - End date 9/30/2020
     Minimum initial purchase = $15,000 minimum purchase, 3 products required

     Fixed 0% due in December 2020
     Start date 10/1/19 - End date 9/30/2020
     Minimum initial purchase = $10,000

     Prime + 2% due in December 2020
     Start date 9/1/2019 - End date 6/30/2020
     Minimum purchase = $2,500

0% Fixed due in December
     Start date 10/1/18 - End date 8/31/19
     Minimum initial purchase = $10,000 total made up of at least 2 products, must be min $5,000 on 2 products 

     1.9% Fixed due in December
     Minimum initial purchase = $10,000
     Due in full to Rabo on 12/15/19

     TruChoice Deferred Financing:
     Prime - 1% (Corteva products only)
     Start date 11/19/18 - End date 9/30/19
     Due in December 2019
     Minimum initial Purchase = $7,500.00 

  • • Lines of credit up to $250,000
    • Quick one-page application
    • All Winfield United products and select partner products purchased qualify (see qualifying list)
    • A or AA rating is 1.5% interest; B rating is 2.5% interest
    • All financing will mature Feb 1, 2021
    • April 30, 2020 application deadline; $125 application fee (If intended for Acres Ahead must apply on or before Oct. 18, 2019)
    • Lines of credit above $250,000 are subject to additional documentation, financial information and review required
    • 2% price increase on products

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There are several ways you can get started. Your local Agtegra location can help you. You can also ask your Sales Agronomist for information and recommendations. Or you may contact the Finance Department in the Aberdeen office at 888-429-4902.