Knowing what's happening in your soil is an essential step to reaching higher yield goals and optimizing input costs. We will help you make better management decisions with our endless capabilities and resources.

Farmers often struggle with the natural variabilities that change yields. Our system can break down your field data into management zones, grids or both to track changes like elevation, soil properties, nutrient holding capacities and more to help you better understand where your issues lie.

With today's precision farming technologies, it's possible to plant different seed populations, apply different fertilizers and nutrients at varying rates, and even plant different hybrids/varieties within the same field - all based on each field management zone's unique characteristics.

The results of doing this effectively? More efficient use of inputs. Better yield potential. Higher profitability.


Multi-layer data technology

MZB is the most economical program when it comes to precision agriculture. This multi-layer approach provides more precise data than a traditional one-layer system, and allows users to identify yield-limiting factors to make smarter decision on where to invest inputs to maximize yield and minimize wasted input dollars.

Fall 2021
Ag Technology Economics