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Director Spotlight: Quentin Larson

May 09, 2022

Quentin graduated from Pollock High School in 1976 and then went to work at Pollock Farmers Elevator as a laborer, bookkeeper, and assistant manager.  He and his wife Lori were married in 1979.  In 1981, they took over the family farm (homesteaded in 1889).  Their farm is located in north central South Dakota along the Missouri River.  They also farm his wife’s land in North Dakota by Westfield. They have 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren.  Quentin and his wife farm and ranch with their son Josh and his wife Katelynn who have 2 daughters.  They raise corn, beans, spring wheat and sunflowers and have a cow/calf operation. It doesn’t get any better than that!  In the winter months, they visit their 3 daughters and family that are in Colorado, Arizona, and California.   

The freedom and the daily challenges that Quentin faces along with the new technology that is out there and how he looks forward to its implementation, is what Quentin loves most about agriculture. “You always learn new things daily, whether it be markets, weather, or technology, if you are willing to keep your eyes and ears open,” says Quentin.  

Quentin has been active in the governance of a co-op for 36 years. “I was on the Pollock Farmers Elevator Board, North Central Farmers Elevator Board and now the Agtegra Cooperative Board,” states Quentin. “Having worked on both sides of the fence, I understand both sides of the business which helps me make decisions to move the business forward. I believe in the co-op system and what it offers to our patrons and shareholders.”  

As an Agtegra director, Quentin also has served on several Agtegra committees including the board strategic outlook and government affairs committee, where he enjoyed being able to see all the connections out there associated with similar interests as Agtegra. “I enjoy being able to work with other great people for a common goal,” explains Quentin. He now serves on the governance committee.  

The Agtegra board of directors utilizes committees as a way to efficiently and effectively discuss key issues and make recommendations to the full board for its review and approval process. For example, the board strategic outlook and government affairs committee is charged with focusing on Agtegra’s business strategy and strategic plan, future development, community engagement, and governmental affairs and to bring recommendations to the full board.  

Quentin recommends becoming a delegate or director and attending local and annual Agtegra meetings. And, if you try and don’t succeed at first, keep trying. It’s rewarding and worth the effort. 

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