A few best-practice fungicide tips  

How to make the most from your fungicide applications? Read on. Think upward and outward, when it comes to fungicide management. Fungicides do not have a downward mode of movement. They move upward and outward from the lowest point of contact.
So those full-canopied, R1-staged soybeans? They can be a challenge for effective application. Be pro-active about scouting and staging, because timing is critical when it comes to  fungicide application. 
Sprayer pressure is a key component to effective coverage. Fungicides cannot be applied at low water rates. Fungicide performance is dependent on plant tissue coverage, to achieve strong protection from disease.
Nozzles are the final best-practice reminder. Plant coverage is dependent on the right, calibrated nozzle for the spray quality necessary for disease protection. If you’ve been spraying dicamba soybeans, you’ll need a different nozzle. The right nozzle for the right application is integral for sprayer and product performance.

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