Corn and Soybean Pest Update

It was a beautiful day – twenty-three of July- when I stopped by some fields and my plots on the fly. We looked,
and we dug and what to our wondering eyes did appear, but pestilence here, there and everywhere, oh dear!

First field was a corn stop in eastern Brown County and found northern corn rootworm adults out there- and in a big bounty! Double-Pro silks were seen clipped and roots were pruned too, and plants were quite goosenecked from the wind when it blew. Treatment was needed I fear for the field, as thresholds were met with potential loss of top yield.

Second to the soybeans, and good growth was truly found, but small grasshoppers were also there all around.
Aphids were not but be on alert- for they can appear in one great big spurt. White mold treatments should
continually be applied, as with wet and cool conditions, Mother Nature has supplied.

Lastly to grower soy fields at the edge of my plots, and Phytophthora was there right on that spot! Not many
plants and not that much loss, but a reminder that seed treatment is not that much cost.

The summer is ending but keep an eye on the fields. Fall harvest is coming and we still can protect yields!

Read the full article which includes several pictures of the pests currently being found.

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