Keep Planting on Schedule with Aerial Application

Spraying for weeds and applying fertilizer will be challenging this spring, as the weather is simply not cooperating with farmers and enabling them to get out in the field. However, producers have options to still allow them to accomplish what they need to and stay somewhat on schedule with planting season.
The answer: aerial application. Ryan Schuchhardt, Director of Sales for Agtegra, reminds growers that applying herbicide or fertilizer by plane is a viable method for preparing their fields, even in wet conditions like this year.
“Agtegra has a fleet of seven planes that can apply herbicide or dry fertilizer on just about any Agtegra customer’s acre throughout our service area,” he says. “We have many local airports that we have access to, so we can access most any location quite easily.”
Schuchhardt points out that during wet conditions, farmers are worried about getting ground equipment stuck in the mud—a real concern. Aerial application allows weeds to be killed prior to planting without having to worry about getting equipment in a bind.
“Some producers don’t like tire tracks in their fields because of compaction concerns,” Schuchhardt says. “Aerial application can also provide better coverage of a field in certain situations.”
Aerial application can apply a wide range of products to your fields, and Schuchhardt says that they can return multiple times to make sure that the entire field is covered properly if wind conditions aren’t ideal for application.
“We encourage growers to contact their Agtegra agronomist about deciding what to apply, the timing of application and to book aerial application services,” Schuchhardt says.
If you’re concerned about early spring application, not to worry—you can take advantage of aerial application for herbicide or fertilizer with Agtegra.


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