Keep Your Engine Running Longer with New Oil

Preparing your equipment for spring? Extend the time between oil changes and reduce costs with Agtegra Cooperative’s improved, heavy-duty diesel engine oil.
In 2018, the viscosity modifier in Cenex® synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oils were upgraded to EnduroVis™, an industry-leading polymer that provides unmatched protection against viscosity breakdown under severe engine stress and heavy loads.
Every lubricant has three components: the base oil, an additive package and a viscosity modifier.
“With this new viscosity modifier, you can run the oil longer, because it’s not going to break down as fast,” says Troy Weig, Refined Fuels Manager for Agtegra. “The fewer times you have to change the oil, the more money you’ll save.”
EnduroVis has a unique star shape that allows it to maintain its form as it moves through the engine, helping protect equipment so it doesn’t wear out as quickly.
“It also has detergent in it to help keep the engine clean and meet the highest industrial standards,” Weig adds. “You’re getting a bigger return on investment in the long run.”
Extended oil drains, increased fuel economy and maximizing equipment life—what more could a farmer ask for?
For more information about EnduroVis, Weig recommends that producers contact their fuel sales representatives.


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