Agtegra Soybean Late Season Herbicide Recommendations

As herbicide applications continue in 2018, it is important to remember the options for later season herbicide applications, including the use of residual herbicides. All soybean production systems, regardless of herbicide trait, will face continued weed pressure in the next several weeks, especially considering the likely slow-to-develop crop canopy.

Keys to mid-and late season weed management:

  1. Keep Weeds Small. Post-emergence herbicides in soybeans are by far the most effective when applied to small (<4”) weeds. Shorter weeds have fewer growing points. The dicamba tolerant soybean (DTS) system, as effective as it can be, still requires weeds be 4” or less in size.
  2. Use Overlapping Residual Herbicides. Before pre-emergence herbicides have run their course, we must consider post-applied residual herbicides to get through the rest of the summer, especially for later-emerging weed flushes like waterhemp, which can extend into July. Effective residual herbicides extend the window of control.
  3. Use Full Rates of Post-Emergence Herbicides to Maximize Control.
  4. Use Late Season Best Management Practices
Late Season Herbicide Recommendations
Managing the Late Application Season

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