Managing your prevent plant acres 

You’ve made the decision to take the option of a prevented planting (PP) claim. Or rather, Mother Nature has pretty much steered you into that choice. What now? How can you best manage those acres?
Agtegra Director of Agronomy Sales Ryan Schuchhardt says Agtegra can assist you going forward, to help get those acres ready for the 2020 planting season. But the first call should be to your crop insurance company. “Know the rules, dates and guidelines,” says Schuchhardt. “Communicate with your agent, so you don’t sacrifice any benefits, if you’re going with cover crops or other options. It’s a call worth making.”
Then create your plan. What do you anticipate going on these acres next year? If you’re a livestock producer, what are your cover crop/forage options?
“If you are a cattle producer, there are various feed opportunities you can seed into those acres,” he says. “Agtegra has multiple cover crop or fall rotational crop seed options for haying or grazing. Again, make sure you have contacted your crop insurance representative and know the dates and guidelines.” 
Next, evaluate your weeds. This is going to be a banner year for opportunistic weed species. What herbicides should be applied to stay ahead of weed emergence?
“Weed control is going to be a very real problem in a year like this,” says Schuchhardt. “We have several herbicide options to help you with your weed control. Visiting with your Agtegra agronomist will help, as we evaluate what will work best. Knowing what your plans are for 2020 will be an essential part of the conversation.”
Cover crops will also be immensely important, says Schuchhardt, for limiting weed emergence and enhancing soil health, but they’re going to work best going into a clean field. Don’t have your PP acres become a weedy seedbank that will affect future production.
Schuchhardt knows that PP is not the preferred choice for customers, but “that’s the card that’s been dealt to some of our producers.” However, making the best choices now so that these fields are ready for a return to a more normal planting season is the best solution available for managing these current challenging times. “Our growers want to responsibly farm, that’s what they do,” says Schucchardt. “Talk to your local Agtegra agronomist for your weed control and cover crop options. Our team is prepared to help set you up for a successful 2020.”

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