Scout for aphids

I had to say it, didn’t I ??? Aphids.....
I just recently posted an article on pest management and corn and soybeans. In our territory, I just visited a field that had significant corn rootworm beetle pressure, and I know grasshoppers are around and actively feeding in soybeans. I mentioned that to date, I had not heard of any issues with soybean aphids, even though they have been an issue in Minnesota recently. 
Well, as I mentioned- I had to say it, didn't I? Here we go on aphids!  The photo below was taken by Tyler from the Oakes, ND Agronomy team. These soybean aphids were feeding away in a field east of Oakes. 
Keep an active scouting program out there for aphids. Remember university thresholds are around 250 aphids per plant. However, keep an eye on the trendline, as aphid populations do expand quickly and can go from a few to threshold levels in a few days. 
Weather conditions will favor great growth, and great growth favors potential insect issues. We have an excellent application fleet ready to serve the insecticide application needs for the soybean crop. Let’s protect the great looking crop we have out there!

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