white mold - the challenge

The Late Summer Challenge - that takes action NOW!

Last season, Sclerotinia White mold had become very noticeable in many fields, especially in central and northern areas of South Dakota and up into southern North Dakota. The disease is insidious, coming at the peak of soybean development in late July and then often girdling even partially infected plants near the base of the plant, killing off the top growth, even if that upper plant growth was not directly infected. What is worse is that white mold produces tough survival structures, sclerotia, that can remain alive in a field for many seasons.

How do we control the disease? First and foremost, realize that white mold is an endemic disease, present in much of our territory, and that management takes a SYSTEMS approach. An outline of the steps includes:

  1. Varietal Selection
  2. Cultural Methods
  3. Biofungicides
  4. Seed Treatments
  5. Fungicides
  6. Cobra Herbicide
White mold is an insidious disease that creeps in late in the season. Management takes a systems approach. It starts as we select varieties for next year, and continues season long with an active trusted partnership between grower and your Agtegra agronomist. We can control white mold, but it will take multiple tools, and white mold will remain lurking around the area, ready to strike if we let our guard down.

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