Oct 03, 2019

As the summer started waning down in August, another internship program came to a close at Agtegra Cooperative.  Internships typically last the length of a summer and consist of completing a project related to their field of study, attending a kick-off event, volunteering at an area business or organization for a day, and presenting on their experiences at the wrap-up event in front of Agtegra leadership team and employees. Interns may also earn up to a $750 scholarship upon completion. The internship program highly values enabling students to grow and excel in their degree program area and future career.

As career and internship fairs kick off this fall, students commence the summer internship search. Agtegra Cooperative offers a high-quality internship program that truly focuses on the development of young individuals seeking careers and futures in the agriculture industry.

Hear from a few of our 2019 interns on why the Agtegra internship program was right for them:

“This past summer I had the opportunity to intern at Agtegra Cooperative. I was presented with a unique opportunity when I was hired on as an Operations Intern in the administration office. This position entailed traveling around to many different locations and aspects of the company and learning how it functioned. I worked in grain and agronomy operations, including being able to work alongside a few of the Agtegra location and regional managers. I was able to learn many different managerial practices and see what made each manager effective in their own way. Because of the experience I gained this summer at Agtegra I will be able to use those learned practices, in both an operations and managerial setting, and apply them throughout my career in the future as I continue to learn and grow. – Ben Sieve, Operations Intern
“Throughout my summer with Agtegra, I was challenged to grow and learn with every task I was given. I was also able to establish many relationships with my coworkers and other interns. The experiences I gained with Agtegra are ones that I will use throughout college and in my future career.” -Aaron Linke, Agronomy Intern
“Interning at Agtegra provided me with endless networking opportunities and connections that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. The friendly, supportive management in Ipswich and throughout all Agtegra locations pushed me to succeed in my role as a feed intern, and I was able to build vital relationships with employees, administrative staff, and customers that will stay with me for years to come. Agtegra helped me instill the confidence in myself to educate customers on which feed products fit their operation, which led me to continue my education and career choices in livestock nutrition.” -Jen Hurlbert, Feed Intern.
“My internship at Agtegra Cooperative has provided me with an excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge in the agriculture industry. It has also helped me obtain real world skills that I will be able to use in the work place after college. It is easy to see why the employees of Agtegra decide to stay around. The company has a culture that all about safety and working together in order to provide the best service possible. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work at Agtegra.” – Brayden Lester, Sales Agronomy Intern
“Internships are built to prepare young adults for our future careers. My experience at Agtegra has further enabled me to pursue my passion for communicating agriculture and fine-tune my vision of a future career; it has allowed me to connect my degree programs in animal science and agricultural communications through working with the feed division and utilizing marketing methods that best serve Agtegra’s customers. The opportunities and experiences that this program provides allow individuals to explore future career options, something that is crucial to young individuals seeking where they see themselves five years down the road. Agtegra’s internship program has highly influenced my industry knowledge and communication skills, better preparing me for my future in agriculture.” – Sadie Vander Wal, Communications and Feed Intern
“My internship at Agtegra has given me countless opportunities that I am so grateful to have had. The knowledge and experience I have gained this past summer have gone beyond anything I could have learned in a classroom. It has also given me the chance to apply what I’ve learned so far to real-world scenarios. My experience with Agtegra has overwhelmingly confirmed my desire to work in the agriculture industry after college. I will never forget my time spent interning at Agtegra.” – Paige Stofferahn-Muck, Agronomy Intern
“Throughout my internship at Agtegra, I have had countless opportunities learning and gaining experience in the agricultural industry. Working with high quality co-workers has helped me acquire great knowledge and guidance for my future career. Agtegra is a tremendous place to intern at as there are endless opportunities throughout the Cooperative.” – Seth Howell, Research and Technology Intern
“My internship with Agtegra was very eye-opening and an experience that I will never forget. Throughout my internship, I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Also, the people were amazing and really fun to work with. Throughout the summer, it was confirmed to me that the major I am pursuing is something that I am really interested in and something that I am good at. I would recommend for anyone to do an internship with Agtegra. They offer such a variety of jobs and I think anyone could find something they enjoy doing there.” – Madilyn Wright, Bookkeeping Intern
Interested in interning at Agtegra? Go to under the careers tab to download an application or email for more information today!

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