Feb 24, 2020

Growers are very familiar with key terminology when it comes to crops. Words like maximize, optimize, and potential are common when it comes to getting the most out of yields, and with good reason.

It is important to understand the science behind your crops to maximize and optimize your efforts. While there is no replacement for good old-fashioned hard work and knowhow, using state-of-the-art ag technology can only help boost growth potential and acre yield.

As with most biological systems that we manage for an end goal in mind, it is important to have a baseline to know if crops are trending towards the predetermined goal throughout the growing season. By having a comparison, small course corrections can be made to positively impact your ROI on every acre of your operation,” said Adam Butcher, Agtegra’s South Region Sales Manager.

At the end of the day, it is about increasing profits. Agtegra is focused on helping customers increase yields and has connections to companies like WinField United® to bring ag tech tools to members to ensure they have every advantage when it comes to in-season decision making. Taking advantage of WinField United’s tissue and soil sampling tools could be the difference between a mediocre year and an exceptional harvest.

Butcher, who has been with Agtegra for more than three years, also said, “we consistently see through soil and tissue sampling nitrogen, zinc, sulfur, and boron deficiencies can limit yields.   In the very early life of the crop, nitrogen and zinc are deficient and later in the season, nitrogen, sulfur, and boron are deficient. All of these nutrients are critical to crop development and grain production. To help predict and anticipate these season to season deficiencies, it is highly recommended to enroll in a consistent soil and tissue sampling program to have actionable, localized data that generates long term intelligible trends to maximize ROI on each field, management zone, and acre.”
WinField United has one of the most extensive tissue sampling databases of any agricultural company, which is helping accelerate agronomic research for nutrient management. In addition, WinField United’s soil and tissue testing laboratory, SureTech, is driving research to evaluate soil and plant health to help deliver actionable holistic nutrient management insights to farmers.

Butcher indicated the most common question he receives from the field is “What will this added cost really gain me that I didn’t already know?” “My challenge to each grower is to think of your acre as a person. There are key times in every person’s life where physicals and simple blood tests can help prevent major long-term health issues and maximize an individual’s overall peak health. Soil and tissue sampling are really no different. We are taking snapshots at core times to evaluate the crops’ health, tying that to our agronomist’s expert diagnostics, and making slight course corrections to maximize future potential through proper soil and plant nutrition,” said Butcher.

According to a recent study, it has been estimated that 20-30 percent of crops potential yield is lost due to fertilizer deficiencies. A good plant sampling program could detect these deficiencies early enough to correct the problem and alleviate the yield loss.

Not only can tissue sampling help you this season, because of the data collected, it can help you going into next season and beyond. That’s because, sampling a crop periodically during the season or once each year provides a record of its nutrient content that can be used through the growing season or from year to year. 

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