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Fuel Your Herd

Mar 05, 2021

As producers, you want what’s best for your cattle. That’s why it becomes important to supplement mineral in your feeding program.

With Agtegra’s annual mineral sale going on, now is the best time to talk with our animal nutrition specialists and explore your mineral options. All bagged mineral picked up by March 31 saves customers $60 per ton, while bagged mineral booked by March 31 and picked up by July 31 saves $40 per ton. Need to stock up on tubs? Save $20 per ton on Wind & Rain, Stress and Wind and Rain Availa 4 mineral tubs.

With the weather starting to warm up, summer doesn’t seem so far away. However, the summer season also means flies targeting your herd. Mineral containing Altosid has proven to control horn fly populations; without proper control, these flies can cause a detrimental impact to your herd’s performance. The product is easy to use in several different loose mineral and tub products, and right now, you can save five dollars per tub by booking before April 30 and picking up by October 1.

Altosid products in this promotion include:

-        Wind N Rain All Season 4 Mineral Altosid Tubs

-        Wind N Rain All Season 4 Availa 4 Mineral Altosid Tubs

-        Wind N Rain Min Mag Altosid Tubs

Having mineral available during the critical production stages of your cattle’s life cycles becomes integral to your cattle’s performance. Booking now gives you assurance in knowing that we have the mineral you need on hand during those critical time periods. Scott Kilber, Agtegra Feed Division Manager, notes the importance of mineral during crucial stages such as breeding.

“Calving is a tremendous drain on mineral reserves,” Kilber said. “Using a breeder type mineral will help replenish a cow’s mineral reserves and prepare her for the upcoming breeding season. Getting your cows re-bred is key to a profitable operation.”

So, why should you trust our products?

Purina provides a variety of mineral types and formulations that can meet any operation’s needs and goals. The products are proven and backed by research trials to ensure that you are provided with a product guaranteed to meet the needs of your herd.

“We take great pride in formulating and recommending products that do exactly what we say they will,” Kilber said.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to not only save money but to learn more about the benefits a mineral program can have on your herd, which can ultimately mean higher profitability for your operation. Contact an animal nutrition specialist in your area today.