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Director Spotlight: Mike Clements

Jan 14, 2022

Mike Clements has lived on the same farm northwest of Miller, SD, his whole life. He graduated from Miller High School and attended SDSU for one year, before returning home to begin farming and ranching in 1971.  He married his wife Carole in 1973 and has 2 children – Jenny lives on the property close to the homestead with her husband Cory, both have off farm jobs and assist Mike and Carole when possible. Mike’s son Dan lives in Rapid City with his wife Angie. Mike and Carole are blessed to have 6 grandchildren – 3 step grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.  Mike has been active on the Ontario Township board for 48 years, completed 9 years on the Hand County FSA Committee to include 3 years as chairman and he is also a member of the Ree Heights Fire Department for the past 20 years.  The Clements family raise corn, soybeans, alfalfa, milo, CRP, and some food plots. They cut back on the farming operation in 2015. Since cutting back they can enjoy their cabin out in the Black Hills and be with family more.

“Agriculture allows you to have the opportunity to manage a farm, watch things grow the whole season and then harvest that crop. Then being able to repeat it all again next year. It’s an accomplishment a person takes pride in” states Mike. This past year Mike learned that you never can predict when the grain market will hit the HIGH! However, being financially sound, always looking for opportunities, growing and enjoying what you have accomplished is how he defines success.

Mike’s passion for the cooperative system shows with his 9-year involvement within the governance of the co-op. He originally wanted to help with the decision-making process of our cooperative and learn more about the business aspect of what makes it run smoothly. His goal has always been to continue to help build the cooperative into one of the strongest and most admired cooperatives in the county. As an Agtegra director, Mike also serves on a number of Agtegra committees including the board risk committee, board strategic outlook and government affairs committee, the public policy resolutions committee, and two nominating committees for directors and delegate candidates.

The Agtegra board of directors utilizes committees as a way to efficiently and effectively discuss key issues and make recommendations to the full board for its review and approval process. For example, the board strategic outlook and government affairs committee is charged with focusing on Agtegra’s business strategy and strategic plan, future development, community engagement, and governmental affairs and to bring recommendations to the full board.

Mike is finishing up his last term as a director for Agtegra Cooperative and states “if you would like to run for a director position, it is a very rewarding experience.” Running for the board of directors or delegates position allows you to take the time to see what makes this co-op run. If you’re not quite convinced, start out by applying for the Nonvoting Advisory Director position, which is a 1- year term, that way you get the feel. Then go for it!

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