Nov 12, 2019

It’s the season of seed. You’re harvesting the result of last year’s seed decisions, while also evaluating genetics as you develop your farm plan for the 2020 planting year. Now’s the time to also ensure your planting equipment is serviced to deliver the high yields bred into those selected hybrids and varieties.
It all begins with a strong seed stand, notes Brian Baum, Precision Ag Hardware Sales, for Agtegra. The Innovation Center has the technicians and products to optimize seed placement of your planter systems. “You know there’s very little recovery that you can do, to play catch-up from having a poor stand,” says Brian Baum, Precision Ag Hardware Sales. “That is basically lost yield.”
It’s preventable bushel loss, and it’s the intent behind corn planter inspection services, offered through Agtegra. Technicians will run calibration tests to evaluate planting meter performance.  The planter will be precision tuned and serviced, with a conversation about the diagnostics necessary to achieve the highest yields possible.  
“No one has time to waste during the planting season. Doing some of these pre-checks now can get your planter performing at optimal standards when you need it most,” says Baum.
Some growers may also be thinking about a jump to full precision planting. With Precision Planting® Deltaforce, and vSet Drive, the system adjusts planter downforce across wide field variability conditions. Innovation Center technicians can walk you through these planter technologies and others, helping with decisions that best fit your operation, notes Baum.
In a coming year where accuracy and efficiency may be best achieved by current system upgrades, the Innovation Center also has a well-stocked parts department, carrying parts for corn planters and air seeders. “The combination of our technician’s expertise and the products and services behind our counter, provides a proactive way to ensure your planter is going to be operating at its best possible performance,” says Baum.
Various financing options are available for upgrades, repairs and maintenance.

Baum notes the tough conditions growers have gamely faced this past year. Going into planting season 2020 with a planter at its best possible performance condition is one of the few variables within control of farmers. “Our technicians are skilled with all of the planter systems and also are well-versed on planter productivity and how best for you to achieve it, on your acres.”

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