Aug 09, 2019

With newly added propane services to Agtegra’s Energy division, Agtegra is committed to additional methods to support its member-owners.

Agtegra provides propane via bulk, cylinder, cylinder exchange and transport service for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural uses alike. The propane service department also installs and services tanks, furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, air conditioners, space heaters, heat pumps, and more.

However, Agtegra does not stop at just providing propane; its delivery services are tailored to fit its customer’s needs.

The “Keep Full Delivery” method enables customers to help lower expenses. When customers contract winter gallons, their account is on “Keep Full Delivery” automatically. Agtegra’s propane driver will provide timely deliveries to keep the customer’s tank full which is a huge benefit. This means no additional costs for emergency services or placing an “out of gas” system back into service, no interruptions in heating, and peace of mind that propane will always be adequate. For Agtegra, this means greater efficiency, less mileage, maintenance and overtime costs.

With summer waning down, it is important to look ahead to the winter heating season. Agtegra Propane Division Manager Terry Heinz notes that “Summer Fills” are important to get ready for winter due to the price being the most economical. “‘Summer Fills’ can be included in the ‘Level Pay’ contracts, so you have the same monthly payment for 12 months, just like any other utility bill,” Heinz said. By simply contacting an Agtegra propane office, customers can enroll in the “Level Pay” program.

A pre-pay contract option allows for more savings by locking in the price for less due to it being prepaid.  This option also includes a “Keep Full Delivery” with the contract.

Heinz stresses the importance of winter preparation. “When the heating season begins, customers should have at least 50 percent of their total winter usage in the tank is the general rule of thumb,” Heinz said. “By contracting your winter gallons now, it locks in the price and protects you from higher prices due to higher demands in the middle of winter.”

In addition, customers can have their tank upsized by Agtegra in order to get more summer gallons at the summer fill price, therefore saving more money and alleviating the stress of moving snow from tanks in the winter in order to fill more often.

So, whether you need propane in bulk, or simply need to exchange a cylinder, Agtegra has your propane needs covered.
Want to learn more? Visit a complete list of service and delivery areas or call your local number provided below:
Aberdeen, SD
Britton, SD
(605) 448-2276
Selby, SD
(605) 649-7060
Huron, SD
Oakes, ND

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