Dec 17, 2019

In a year when positive paybacks have been hard to find, mid-season nitrogen strategies on both soybeans and corn are showing significant returns on investment (ROI), according to Agtegra Agronomy Tech Service Manager Brad Ruden. That’s one of the key plant nutrition takeaways from the 2019 Agtegra test plots.
For soybeans, an additional treatment of nitrogen at the R1 to R3 growth stage is boosting yields. “We’ve seen some very positive ROIs for several years in a row, with this strategy,” says Ruden. Nitrogen stabilizer RemaiN® from Agtegra Cooperative was used to further maximize fertilizer value for this early reproductive stage application. The most economical application is top dressing by spinner box.
For corn, the data sets are reflecting the positive outcomes that result from a split nitrogen program. “The numbers are really showing the value of adding a portion of the nitrogen at the beginning of the season, and then the remainder with an application done in-season,” says Ruden. “From a plant nutrition standpoint, the split program for corn is showing some very positive ROIs.”
Additionally, the value of starter fertilizers was extremely high this season.  Products like the starter fertilizers produced at Agtegra’s Prescription Agronomics provided excellent yield gains.  “With the cold and wet conditions at planting, getting corn or even soybeans off to a rapid start and establishing a solid root system was a key to season-long success.”   
More key observations and strategies continue to emerge as data is analyzed. Talk with your Agtegra sales agronomist for exact numbers and test plot results as you make your 2020 crop plans.


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