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Working with Plants Showing Potassium Deficiencies - Are We O“K”?

Jul 08, 2021

By Brad Ruden
Over the past week, signs of potassium deficiency have started appearing in some corn fields across the region and will likely turn up in soybeans soon.
Potassium deficiency is typically detected as yellowing around the outer edges of older corn leaves, with the yellow color gradually moving closer to the center of the leaf. This symptom is the opposite of nitrogen deficiency, which shows up along the midrib of corn leaves rather than the edges.
A potassium deficiency in soybeans will appear as a yellow blotchiness between the veins near the leaves’ edges. 
As a critical nutrient to crops, potassium’s mobility enables it to take active roles in many plant processes, including photosynthesis and, very importantly, water balance. As a result, plants need to take up a very large amount of potassium every year. While many of the region’s soils are naturally high in potassium, as soils dry, the clay content of these soils makes potassium much less available to crops.
Fortunately, we can correct some of this deficiency easily with a foliar nutrition program.  Agtegra’s IN-FUZE CR foliar nutritional product contains a foliar-safe form of potassium, a safe, slow-release nitrogen and a micronutrient pack. Applying one gallon per acre on corn or soybeans can give your crops the boost they need through their next critical growth stages.
Generally compatible with herbicides and fungicides, IN-FUZE CR can be included in a fungicide pass or an upcoming third herbicide pass on soybeans. This product can also pair well with a tassel-timing fungicide pass on corn.  
Visit with your local Agtegra Agronomist to develop a plan to finish this 2021 crop strong!
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