options abound for grain marketing

As you’re spending hours in the combine during harvest, you’re probably wondering, how will I market all of this grain? When is the best time to sell? What are my options? Agtegra can help you decide what is the best approach.

Want to convert your hard-earned production into cash?

If you want to sell your grain now, meet your nearby cashflow needs and eliminate downside price risk, Agtegra offers priced contracts:

  • >  Forward or priced contract—Sell grain for a set delivery period in the future, whether the crop is still in the field or a bin.
  • >  Spot contract—Sell grain as soon as the bushels are dumped into the elevator.
Let us watch the markets
Do you want to set a price floor, yet still participate in the event the market rallies? Let Agtegra watch your desired pricing offers throughout the entire 17-hour trading day. Put your pricing goal in writing and we will take it from there. Remember, target pricing offers not entered into will never fill!
  • >  Target pricing agreements—Have the opportunity to participate as the market is trading. Capture short-lived market rallies in the middle of the night and feel at ease knowing that Agtegra is working for you!
Protect price and participate in market rallies
You can set a price floor, and still take advantage of market rallies through these options:
  • >  MarketPro premium contracts—New to Agtegra’s grain contract lineup is its suite of premium contracts. These contracts are uniquely customizable for specific market situations and customer preferences in regards to timing, quantity, parameters and premium levels for you to price your grain.
  • >  Options-based contracts—Establishes a guaranteed base price, protecting you against lower price moves, but permits participation in future market rallies.
    • Minimum Price Contracts - the final price will be the minimum price plus any value the option provides if the market rallies prior to the expiration of the option.
    • Min-Max Contracts - similar to a Minimum Price Contract, but in exchange for a higher floor it has a maximum price (ceiling).
 Lock in favorable futures opportunities
If you’re looking to lock in revenue or hedge input purchases by pricing grain well before harvest or even before the crop has been planted, you may be interested in:
  • >  Hedge-to-arrive contracts—Lock in the futures component of the cash price, while leaving the basis open for improvement. The contract is subject to downside basis risk.
Don’t need the money today?
With any Agtegra contract, you can opt to defer payment to a future specified date. At that time, you’ll receive the payment with interest.
  •  >  Deferred Payment Program - current rates are 2% for contracts deferred for 2 years or less and 2.5% for 2 years or more.

Store it now, sell it later
Of course, you always have the option to store your grain and wait for the best time to sell. If you choose to hold the grain in storage, here are your choices of contracts:
  • >  DP—Allows you to move grain to any Agtegra location without establishing a price. You know the exact number of bushels available to market, and the quality risk of keeping the grain in condition is passed to Agtegra upon delivery. The contract is subject to market fluctuations of both basis and CBOT futures prices.
  • >  Condo—This contract provides a lease of a contracted amount of storage space at any Agtegra location. Haul your grain from combine to the elevator without being forced to sell grain during harvest when basis is generally widest. Grain is weighed and graded as it comes in for immediate feedback on grain quality and quantity. You can store multiple commodities and take advantage of government programs to either seal the grain and put it under loan or use loan deficiency payments. Condo storage is an asset that can be sold if it is no longer needed.