As temperatures increase, horn flies will begin to emerge. However, early-season planning can help keep fly populations under control all season long.
One way to effectively combat horn flies is to use a feed-through fly control, that can be found in select cattle minerals that contain Altosid. Cattle need both fly control and mineral, so delivering the two in one package can be a convenient option. Additionally, a feed-through form doesn’t require extra cattle handling or hassle beyond regular mineral feeder maintenance.
Once a cow consumes fly control mineral, it functions through the manure the cow excretes. Insect growth regulator (IGR) passes through the cow and into the manure where horn flies lay their eggs. IGR breaks the horn fly life cycle in the manure by preventing pupae from developing into biting adult flies.
A well-balanced cattle fly control mineral can help ensure consistent intake, and in turn, consistent fly control in manure piles. This two-in-one product is available in tubs or as loose mineral. Contact Scott Kilber at 605-380-5262 to get started.