Breeder mineral for summertime herd nutrition 

Cattle producers have been waiting for a season like this for several years. The grass is growing belly-high, and after a rugged Winter, it’s a sight for sore eyes to see cow/calf pairs out on summer pasture. But these past challenging months have taken their toll on herds. Help them get back into peak breed-back shape with the Breeder line of minerals from your nearby Agtegra feed location.
“The bulls and cows went through a fair amount of stress this past Winter and Spring,” says Scott Kilber, Agtegra Feed Division Manager. “Our Breeder line-up helps refuel the cow’s reproductive system, as well as improves semen quality for the bulls.”
Copper and zinc, among others, are key micronutrients for enhancing immunity, reproduction, growth and fiber digestion. Through the amino acid formulation developed by Zinpro Corporation, these minerals have higher absorptive bioavailability, for better utilization.
Because good mineral nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, the Breeder line has several formulations to better meet seasonal and herd needs. While all of them have the Availa-4 mineral package containing zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt, other options are also available. Ultimate Breeder has Diamond V yeast culture, helping improve colostrum quality and immune function. A Rumensin®-added product is also available, along with another formulation containing Altosid®.
“Though they are called trace minerals, there’s probably no bigger nutritional impact on a successful breeding season than the placement of a balanced and comprehensive mineral nutrition program,” says Kilber. “Going with the Breeder mineral this summer is an investment that will have an impact at weaning but also in that next generation of calving.” Contact our nutrition consultants with questions about the mineral formula that will work best for your herd and pasture conditions.
Rumensin® is a registered trademark of Elanco or its affiliates. Altosid® is a registered trademark of Central Life Sciences.

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