pro-actively managing calves with insure

It’s already taken around-the-clock calf checks this spring to manage cow herds, across the Agtegra countryside. Record-breaking streaks of below-freezing temperatures and late season blizzards have been relentless, even as winter was supposed to be diminishing. With April now here, it’s all about managing through the mud.

This combination of conditions has made it imperative to pro-actively manage calf health. To best weather what weather has thrown at us this year, oral probiotic Calf Insure® may be a game-changer for overcoming the stressors created from this year’s adverse calving season.

“We’ve had a perfect storm of opportunistic conditions for calf health problems,” says Scott Kilber, Agtegra Feed Division Manager. “Dosing with Insure® can provide some preventative management to get these calves thriving and overcoming the stressors that can rapidly bring on scours and other health problems.”

Insure® was developed to help calves overcome stress and disease challenges through a unique formula of microbials. Its gut health platform includes a calf-specific bacillus, additives for optimizing immuno-competence, and high levels of antioxidant vitamins.

“What we’re doing with Insure® is helping get the good bacteria populating in the intestine,” explains Kilber.  “That makes the calf healthier, and its energy is going into reaching its full performance potential.”

Dosing is simple and cost effective. The dosage is two scoops powder and 30 ccs of water. Mix the Insure® powder into a paste solution and carefully squirt it by syringe into the calf’s mouth. In a year like this one, Kilber recommends all newborn calves receive the paste after about that second or third day, once colostrum has passed through their system. “When they’re a few days old, and you’re getting ready to tag and turn them out, is a really good time to jumpstart their immune response with a dose of Insure®,” says Kilber.

Another benefit to Insure® is its special microbial combination. Unlike most probiotic supplements on the market that contain lactobacillus, the Calf Insure® microbials do not produce D-lactate. D-lactic acidosis can be common in scouring calves and interferes with brain function, leading to weak suckling response.

The full Calf Insure® label includes:

  • - Direct fed microbials including a calf-specific bacillus
  • - Fulfill® Feed Additive, a source of prebiotic polysaccharides
  • - Victus® Calf,  along with vitamin B & C
Insure® is also recommended for any older calves that are looking slower, due to milking problems from the cow or suffering from other health setbacks. It is also widely used as mixed-in supplement in milk replacer for bottle calves.

There is a bright side coming to all these weather effects and the extra time you’ve put into managing for healthy calves on the ground this season, notes Kilber. “It’s going to be really fun putting pairs out to pasture this year, with some of the best grass we’ve had in years, from all this snow” he says. Help get them there, with Insure®.

For more information, contact your nearest livestock feed location or Dakotaland Feeds sales nutritionist.

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