Farm Supply News and Promotions

Spring is a season of new life and baby calves! Your Agtegra Farm Store has calving supplies including ear tags in a variety of colors and milk replacers. Do you need milk bottles or marking pens? We have them, too. Stop by and let us help you find what you need.

Contact the Agtegra Farm Store at (605) 426-6163

Livestock Equipment

We stock: gates, panels, feed bunks, continuous fence, chutes, working tubs, water tanks, water fountains, posts, barb wire, posts, and electric fencing supplies from these brands:


Real Tuff

Werkmiester Welding

Powder River


Farm Machinery

Wheatheart Post Pounders

Shaver Extractor - Take out trees and remove old fencing with ease!


Traeger Grills

There’s grilled food, and then there’s food grilled on a Traeger. 

Food coming off a Traeger grill simply tastes better. In fact, you know how most of our grills are sold? Someone has tasted the difference at a friend’s house. That’s word-of-mouth, Traeger-style! Traeger grills use natural wood pellets, and are simple to operate. There’s finally an extraordinary alternative to charcoal or propane cookery. Stop Grilling. Start Traeger’ing. 
 We carry all the main Traeger models, including the Junior and Lil’ Tex. We also stock pellets:

  •  •    Mesquite
  •  •    Hickory
  •  •    Alder
  •  •    Apple
  •  •    Cherry
  •  •    Maple
  •  •    Oak
  •  •    Pecan

Rental Equipment

Call your nearby location to rent the following equipment:
 •    Portable corral systems (Ipswich & Herreid)
 •    Portable cattle tubs (Ipswich, Herreid, Leola, Java/Bowdle & Strasburg)
 •    Post-pounder (Herreid, Ipswich, and Strasburg)